After dinner I decide to go sit on the porch swing and look at the stars, a clear night beckoning me to witness it's beauty. I remember when I sat out here with mum when I was little, she used to point to the stars above us and say to me "No matter where I am I will always be looking at the stars with you, guiding you on yor way to your dreams" the last time she said that to me was the night she died, her hands felt so cold and were pale like the moon but she still smiled at me and promised everything would be okay, she promised! I felt the tears slowly trickling down my cheeks, I miss you mum, I miss you so much!!!

"The full moon is beautiful"

I jump and see Peter standing behind me "You moron! You scared me!"

Peter sits next to me and lifts up my chin "You've been crying"

"H-Have's hayfever!" I protest,trying to avert his gaze

"Do you know how they cure hay fever where I'm from?"


His hands cup my face and he slowly leans foward, pressing his lips to mine.......

The End

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