Harvesting Love

A farm girl living in Idaho in a town just outside Boise falls in love with a city boy from New York.


It was near midnight and I awoke to tires crunching on the gravel outside my bedroom window. My closest neighbor's truck was rolling slowly past our house. What are they doing out so late? I wondered. As soon as the light from their headlights faded away I rolled over and tried to fall back asleep.

I wrapped the covers around me and hummed a lull-a-bye my mother had sung to me when I was little, but I still couldn't sleep. I couldn't help it, I was curious.

I slipped my slippers on to my feet and pulled my windbreaker on. I walked quietly down the steps, skipping the creaky one, and walked out the door.

The closest neighbor's house wasn't actually that far away, maybe a five minute walk. Both their fields and ours were on the other side.

When I got to the house, I peeked through the living room window. The blinds were down, but the window was open. The TV was on and Mr. Barnes was watching Saturday Night Live. Then Mrs .Barnes walked in and said, "This is the living room. The TV is almost always available for use." I saw a pair of Converse sneakers that I was sure didn't belong to Mrs. Barnes.

Just then, the Barnes' cat, Milly, jumped onto my leg. "Ow!" I screamed.

"Who's out there?" Mr. Barnes asked.

I kicked the cat off of my leg and ran away.


The End

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