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Mayumi began to feel her heart crush; it had been stepped on, tortured, stabbed and thrown away. She walked forward and placed her hand lovingly on her sister’s shoulder as she joined her in the kneeling position. Mayumi’s heart began to freeze over. At that moment, while watching her sister shed a tsunami of tears, Mayumi shed a tear. As they gazed upon their parent’s dead corpses, nailed mercilessly to the wall, for the first time she had cried. She didn’t care how weak she looked. Their parent’s bodies looked as if they were melting from a pool of lava. Their faces had been nearly scraped off.  Unrecognizable was their mother’s once beautiful skin, now dyed red and canvassed with cuts.

Mayumi dried her tears as she said “Evil will receive its punishment.”

Machiko heard anger in Mayumi’s voice but did not look up. Whoever murdered their parents must be killed. Mayumi would get revenge; a life for a life. Machiko stayed on the ground, her head slanted with her eyes dazed and blank. Mayumi lifted off her knees and walked over to father’s arms. In between her father’s masculine remnants smeared with dripping blood was a symbol. It stood out like an open flame, strangely majestic in its own way. She became mesmerized as she felt herself being pulled.

For a moment she felt as if she was standing on thin air, being drawn towards the wall. She squinted as she read the small carving placed inside of the symbol, surrounded by a black serpent.


The words rolled off her tongue as she gained the feeling that something would happen, but after standing there for a moment nothing did. The dark coal coat of the serpent, delicately drawn disappeared.  Mayumi turned but just as she reached to get her sister, her body was pulled back.

Mayumi felt like a piece of dust, sucked in by a vacuum. Her face stared forward as her parent’s bedroom became a distant speck and black twisted into a strange light. Soon in front of her Mayumi could see her father.

He gazed at the knife in his hand. Mayumi’s eyes grew in terror; her body began to violently tremble. What was he doing? Her father gripped the hilt of the knife firmly as he turned in Mayumi’s direction and pointed it directly at her. He began to walk towards her. His steady pace became a violent drag of his feet. He looked in pain and struggled, but he continued.

“What are you doing? Father!”  Mayumi called out.

Water formed on the sides of Mayumi’s eyes, falling, and falling. She was unsure to believe if this was reality or a dream. Her father was dead. So how is he right in front of her? She knew his face, his high cheekbones and the curve of his lips. This was her father. He stood fiercely in front of her. His knife’s sharp, reflective blade was ready for the taste of blood. Mayumi tried to step back but she was being held in place and could not move.

The knife’s glare was taunting as she stopped fearing and stood her ground. Her father lunged forward but something stopped him. Blood started gushing out of his chest as a dagger eroded from inside of him. In one quick second with one weapon he was hit. He stepped back as both of his hands grabbed the knife. He tried to pull it out, but he was too weak. He began to drown in his own blood; the endless pool would not stop. Who did this? Who stabbed him? Mayumi could not see the man’s face. She let her father’s murder slip right out the palm of her hand. Mayumi tried hard to run and embrace her father. She took one final look at her father as he fell to his knees, eyes wide open with sadness, before she was returned back.

 She was back inside the house looking at her parent’s empty bedroom. Her mother’s favorite vase stood untouched near their nightstand but their bodies continued to hand like frames on the wall. Mayumi looked around the room wondering where Machiko had gone. Mayumi tried to leave her emotions as her face turned to its usual sternness. She turned to leave the room but noticed a tiny figure standing in the doorway. Mayumi’s eyes grew wide. How would she be so stupid?

“Mayumi, what are you doing in mommy’s room?”

Koemi’s sweet voice took over and Mayumi was caught. She did not know what to do except blame herself.

Koemi stood silent, grasping her teddy bear tightly, almost suffocating it to death. Koemi’s eyes were droopy, still half asleep. The room was dark. When she reached to turn the light switch on Mayumi sprinted toward her. She would not let Koemi carry the pain with her through the rest of her life.

“Mommy’s sleeping, what do you say we go to sleep?” Mayumi whispered.

Koemi heard Mayumi’s voice shake like a static radio; something was wrong. Koemi did not ask any questions, but slowly reached up her arms wanting Mayumi to carry her.

Mayumi smiled as she said “Aren’t you big enough to walk?”

 Koemi pouted and Mayumi felt her heart sink. Koemi’s eyes swam with innocence as her blonde pigtails danced past her knees, gripped by blue ribbons. Mayumi planted her hands under Koemi’s arms as she lifted her up. Koemi planted her head on Mayumi’s shoulder. Koemi was dozing off , but a thought struck her. What was Mayumi so nervous about? As Mayumi carried her out of the abandoned room, Koemi sprouted up.  She reached her arm out and flipped the light switch on. Mayumi felt Koemi move but ignored it. Whenever she slept next to Koemi, she would always somehow end up on the floor. The room blazed with light. The darkness of the room disappeared but the horror remained. Koemi’s head began to pound as she slowly put the pieces together. Blood was everywhere, and it was then she noticed blood on Mayumi’s back. Hanging on the wall were her parents. Koemi began to kick and scream, trying to escape Mayumi’s grip so she could run to her mother. Mayumi’s mind registered the actions as she turned around and tightened her grip on Koemi. She began to let Koemi down but she would not let her go. Koemi’s screams grew louder as tears rolled down her cheeks and soon she was violently coughing. Koemi began to cough and huff for breath. Her tears wouldn’t stop. Machiko ran into the room. She looked at Mayumi then Koemi.  

“Shit,” Mayumi whispered to herself because that was the only word that seemed to come out.

Koemi faced the floor. Machiko could see Koemi’s legs start to tremble. Koemi flung her head up causing her hair to whip violently back. Her tiny body sprinted forward with arms extended toward the wall. She walked straight up to their mother’s body and wrapped her arms around their mother’s leg. Koemi sobbed silently for a moment.

The End

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