A story of struggle that shows how three sisters despite having to deal with their parents death, can power through, defeat evil and find their purpose. Machiko, Mayumi and Koemi must deal with the darkness of a new world since they had somehow been transported back in time but will they be able to handle what fate has in store for them?

     Her hair was dark and thick, and her eyes were a never ending sea of blue. Mayumi stood slouched, arms on her hips. She stood still as she gazed deeply into her teacher’s eyes, hoping to form intimidation. She wanted to get out of there as soon as possible, but so far her effort was pointless. Her teacher planted deep into a chair cushion.

“It seems you got into a fight with another student."


     Her voice was stern and made Mayumi quiver with disgust. Mayumi may have been the kind of person people would run away from, but she was good at judging. She could tell what kind of person stood before her just by looking them in the eye. Her teacher’s words made her grin. In a battle Mayumi was the king, and she always won an argument.

     She always chose her words carefully, yet she decided to say nothing for she felt it better to kill her teacher with silence than words.

     The woman folded her hands on her desk with a strong grip.

     The golden strands on Ms. Domen’s arms stood up. Mayumi didn’t mind that no one liked      her. She never really had that many friends. What was another person who didn’t like her? She could live through worse.

 "Ripping her hair and scratching her arm will not be tolerated!" Ms. Domen yelled.


      Mayumi titled her head down to look at her fingers. Her cuticles were painted with dried blood and she frowned.

     She was walking down the hallway as others stared her down, ready to spit at her if they were given the chance. Everyone moved out of her way.  Then skinny legs, rounded cheeks and brown hair stood in front of her. Mayumi slowed down and she stopped directly in front of Asuna Toichi. Mayumi looked at her with both surprise and annoyance. Asuna lifted her hand and placed it on Mayumi's shoulder. Mayumi knew what she wanted to do, well aware that she would have to pay for it later. In that moment Mayumi reached for Asuna's hair and pulled it. No one touches her except her family. She wasn't property. Asuna's hair was being separated from her scalp, and her eyes grew wide with hot tears.


Mayumi twitched as she said "Next time, get out of my way."


     She began to depart the scene, continuing on as if nothing had happened. Then Mayumi's head hit the body of marble flooring. Asuna tripped her. As adrenaline took over she paid little attention to the pain she was in and no attention to her bleeding left ear. Hands out stretched in front of her Mayumi turned and clawed Asuna's arm. The deed was irreversible but Mayumi could still recall the event in her mind. She could reenact the rush and the pain it caused her. She didn't want to hurt anyone but no one liked her anyway.

     Mayumi held back a lot of her strength but used enough. She knew that the body could only feel one pain at a time so her actions would have been less painful then having Asuna deal with her abusive boyfriend every day. Asuna was in the hospital because she needed to be. If Mayumi had not scratched her no one would have found the bruises and burn marks on Asuna's arm. She would have never got the medical attention she needed. Mayumi remained silent. It wasn't like her to admit she hurt someone for their sake. Plus that would sound just crazy. When Mayumi whisked out of her own personal bubble she noticed Ms. Domen heading toward the door. Mayumi's mind was singing with joy. With her gone she could easily slip out of detention, unnoticed and unwanted.

"I'm going to the principal's office for a moment. Please stay here or else."

     Ms.Domen’s slender silhouette disappeared into the hallway and Mayumi immediately burst into action. Her mind raced with ideas. Suddenly, she became overwhelmed. At times her body did things without her intention. She couldn't leave out of the classroom door; that would be too obvious, making her easy bait for any nearby teacher. Then the gentle breeze tapped on her shoulder. She turned and looked out the window. Leaving out the window was an idea. Her chances of getting caught were slim, but so were her chances of surviving. She didn't have time to contemplate the risk. Mayumi burst out the window, hoping for something to catch her. She closed her eyes enough to where she did not know what fate had in store for her. To her surprise Mayumi felt her body crash into the familiar leather seat of her sister's car.

     Machiko turned and glared at her sister. Was she nuts? Well....she must be since she just jumped out of the two-story school window.

 "You're lucky I was here at the right time!" Machiko raised her voice but tried to keep it calm because her younger sister Koemi was singing happily.

     Machiko's brown curls entwined on the side of her head as her white doctor's coat overlapped the seat. She smiled, just happy her sister was okay, but if she ever tried anything like that again instead of a smile it would be a foot up her ass. Mayumi titled her head to the side and sneakily winked. She looked like she was up to something but instead it was the complete opposite.

"I knew you would be here.”


      It must've been the fact that she could've died if it wasn't for Machiko's lucky hunch but deep in her voice was gratitude. Koemi placed her hand over her mouth trying not to burst out laughing. Nothing was funny but seeing her sister's act like this always made her happy. Machiko turned forward, her body plopping back into the driver's seat.

"Let's go home."

     Machiko quickly began to swerve and maneuver through the parking lot. Their parents were coming home today and all three girls were excited. Secretly Machiko was ecstatic to see her mother. It's been months since they've seen their parents. To her mother Machiko was an open book. At times never shutting up about how she helped another patient, hung out with her friends at a boss’s party or seen the same cute boy at the coffee shop. Machiko loved to tell her sisters things but she knew it wasn't the same as telling her mother. Mayumi could care less about her doctor work and Koemi would ask too many questions then complain that dinner wasn't cooked yet. Trees passed by quickly, yellow, green, and orange leaves flushed together making it seem like fire. The car was quiet but there was no awkward silence.


     They headed closer and closer toward their house but something felt off. An eerie vibe swept through the air, alerting the girls that something was wrong. They jumped out of the car awaiting their mother's subtle smile and their father's gentle gaze.


     Machiko placed her hand on the door, quickly swinging it open. Koemi and Mayumi entered right behind her but stopped in their tracks. Their eyes flooded with red; the walls, the stairs and the floor were covered in fresh blood. It was splattered carelessly all around. They stood there in shock, motionless. Their minds went blank. Mayumi turned to Koemi with her hand out trying to cover her eyes but it was too late. Koemi already fainted. Machiko’s hands trembled in fear as she began to run upstairs to her parents' bedroom. Mayumi collected herself and picked up Koemi, holding her carefully as she slowly walked upstairs, mentally preparing herself for what horror awaited her.

     Before Mayumi made it to the master bedroom she heard it: Machiko's scream of pain. Machiko's scream echoed through the house, only soon to be filled with her quiet sob. Mayumi stopped walking and turned back around to Koemi's bedroom. She could not take the risk of having Koemi wake up and see what her sister had. She placed her in bed and draped a warm blanket over her. Mayumi turned and walked back down the hallway. The house was dark but reeked of death, and the smell of rotting bodies. A trail of blood led Mayumi down to the bedroom where Machiko was curled down on her knees in front of their dead parents.

The End

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