New Tokyo A.D 2309Mature

After the fallout of World War 3 many nations around the world have been rebuilding. Mega cities provide security, comfort and protection. millions of people have been effected by chemical and viral warfare and now the new generation suffers from the side effects. thousands of children die at infancy and those who survive are changed forever.

Tristan Dale born in New Tokyo sept. 13 2293. 

"This world is fucked up, many people who say that are angry ,depressed or hate the world but trust me when i say this the world is really fucked up."

You might say thats typical talk from a rebellious sixteen year old teenager but Tristan dale is not your typical teenager. he well you might say is different, special in a way. not by the way he dresses or by the way he looks actually his appearance has to do with everything. tristan's silver hair and green eyes gives away what he truly is, a survivor, a freak, a monster. in a world where adults and elders outnumber the children , it is amazing that tristan has survived to his adolescent years. 

He can thank his parents for that. Mr. and Mrs. Dale kept there only child hidden away from society. they home schooled and taught him what he need to know until he was old enough to enter the real world. they did this because they weren't shut in freaks or crazy, they did it to protect tristan. when a child survives child birth it becomes property of the government. the children who are taken are tested and expeirmented on, to find a cure that plague child birth for many years.

Now that tristan is sixteen he is out on the streets for the first time. 

The End

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