I've been outside a brothel for the last hour. Following Thompson led me here, so I pulled up on the curb opposite to take watch. My hand rests on my steering wheel, tapping the beat to an unconscious melody. The rest of me is still, patient.

Thompson appears some time later, visibly sweatier and angrier. His face is red, and a vein stands out on his temple. He is only a few meters away, yet he still does not notice me. Good. What I plan to do requires the element of surprise. I watch as he wrenches the car door open and slams it shut, watch as he bashes his hand on the dashboard when the car fails to start on the first try. I find him more repulsive by the minute.

The car starts on the second try, and he grinds away without grace. I wait a few seconds before starting my own car. The engine is quiet, yet powerful. I pull away from the curb slowly, maintaining my distance. The roads are quiet in this part of town. Most of the brick buildings are boarded, burnt out or both. It used to be a busy industrial sector once, but the history does not interest me. Condemned buildings can be the perfect hiding places.

Thompson makes no attempt to throw potential followers off of his trail, and heads in a determined course towards the East, away from the center of town. The buildings become shabbier as I drive. He stops unexpectedly at an unremarkable complex and gets out. I wait a way off, and turn off the engine. 

He glances around nervously, once again failing to notice me, before strolling to a metal loading hatch and banging three times. An intercom buzzes, probably challenging his entry although I cannot hear the details. Thompson says something, and the metal hatch slides open just enough for him to crouch through. It closes before I can see anything of the inside.

I wait around for a few minutes, but no one else enters or leaves. This is what I've been looking for. I unbuckle myself and open the car door, before strolling to Thompson's car and placing a small GPS tracker under the wheel arch. If things go badly, it may be useful to find out where he goes. Checking there is no one else around, I drop to a crouch and run to the side of the building Thompson disappeared into previously, but not the side with the loading gate. Looking in through a window reveals the inside of a derelict factory. So derelict, in fact, there is no roof and only three walls. The littered remains of machinery lie in the dirt and dust.

On the inside, the loading bay door appears to be the opening to a small box of concrete. At a glance, it doesn't look as though it was made at the same time as the outside walls. I take another look around before vaulting the window and making my way inside. As I suspected, the box is a lot less old than anything else in the room. Placing my ear to it, I can hear mechanical humming, but nothing else. Having seen enough, I vault the window frame again and make my way back to my car.

I'll wait until dark before I make my move.

The End

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