Eileen's Wish

Eileen stared up at hermione with bright blue eyes. Ron cooed and scooped up the baby. "Hello baby!! It's daddy!" Hermione smiled. The next forty-eight hours were a blur as people came and went and Eileen changed back and forth making her parents heads spin. "Is it normal for her to change so often?" Ron asked. The healer smiled and assured them that everything was fine.  

           Six years later a little girl by the name of Eileen bounded down the stairs of the Weasly-Granger household. The little girl tripped on the last few steps and fell with a thud. Screams pierced the air and hermione rushed over to her. Eileen's arm was dangling at an odd angle and the little girl was sobbing so hard she was shaking.  They took her to a muggle hospital as she had not shown any signs of magical essence so they couldn't go to St. Mungos. She called Ron while Eileen was getting her x-rays done. "Fell down the stairs. Yep. Come quick, love you, bye" she hung up her mobile and tugged at her jumper waiting for her baby to come back to the room. 

          The doctor returned with Eileen who looked like she was in a lot of pain. They looked at the x-rays that showed up on the screen. "Ahh I see" said the doctor "broken in two places. One at the elbow one at the forearm. Cast and sling please Miss Andrews" he said to his assistant.  She hurried out of the room. 

           A few minutes later the assistant returned with a cart full of different materials and wraps. After about forty five minutes of crying, Ron returning, and medical bandages, Eileen was on her way home with a big purple cast up to her shoulder and a black sling. "Mummy" Eileen said. "Yes dear?" Hermione replied to her six year old daughter. "can I get better soon?" Eileen pleaded with her eyes. Hermiones heart melted. "I hope so sweetie"

The End

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