What's the name?

Caressing her newly born baby in her arms, Hermoinie beemed, both corners of her lips reaching to the sky.
Ron laughed, making funny Ron faces at the baby, who looked blankly back at him with no interest in her dad at all.
Poundering thoughtfully Hermione asked, "What shall we call her?"
Everyone looked up, staring at Hermione's out burst, but the words sank in and they looked back at the baby with newly interest.
"Obviously the parents should name her" Ginny replied, giving her brother a small grin.
"It's hard" Ron announced, " Sam short for Samantha?"
"No" Hermioned mused, "It's a lovely name, but it doesn't suit her"
Hermoine thought, time ticked by slowely, showing the thought power even more.
"Eileen" Hermione said quietly, "It means beautiful bird"
Ron looked at the child in his wifes arms and grinned, slowely nodding his head, agreeing with her.
After a long silent pause, Harry asked, smiling softly,
"How do you pronounce it?"
Hermione's brow deepened slightly then whispered,
"Yes" Ginny laughed, "Yes, I can see it, it suits her perfectly"
"I agree" Harry said, stroking the now newly named baby, Eileen, "She looks beautiful"

After another half an hour of 'Baby sitting' Harry and Ginny stepped outside, leaving Ron and Hermione to talk in private and to also let Hermione have a rest, she seemed tired near the end. Like naming the baby drained her of energy.
"I wonder who she'll be okay tomorrow" Ginny muttered,
"Hu?" Harry blinked, slowely reaching for the surface of reality of the real world.
"Oh yeah, I'm sure she will Ginny" Harry grinned, putting his arm round Ginny's shoulder.

The End

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