Hermionies first child.

Ginny gasped out loud.
There in the middle of the kitchen floor was Hermione covered in blood.
There stood next to her was Ron, his eyes puffy and red with tears streaming down his face.
"Help her" he whispered, tears dribbeling into his mouth. He brushed them aside angrily. "Just help her!" his voice now rising over the sobs that came from Hermione, Ginny knew from her face expression that she was being awefully brave.
Without no hesitation Ginny and Harry hurried over.
"There's too much blood" Ginny muttered, standing up and rushing over to get some cotton wool, "This will try and stop the bleeding"
Ron scoffed, "No it wont, she needs to go to St Mongos" Harry shook his head,
"Maybe, maybe we can do this by ourselfs" but he knew he was wrong, as, as soon as he said that Hermione tore out a terrible scream, tears now rushing down her already wet and sticky cheeks.
"She's in pain" Ginny whispered, "We have to get her to a hospital, now"

Half an hour later, Hermione was in a hospital bed, sleeping.
The nurses had eased the bleeding, but it was obviouse that was due, maybe in a few seconds.
Ron was pacing up and down the corridor out side, muttering impatiently under his breath.
"Why can't we go in" and "She's my wife, I should be in with her"
"Calm down Ron" Ginny tried to say, but was inturrupted by Ron's anger.
"Don't tell me to calm down!" He glared at her "She's my wife, don't tell me to calm down"
"NOTHING'S GOING TO HAPPEN TO HER!" Ginny shouted, patients that were waiting with out tears or red faces, were no looking at them intently, to them this was just like a drama series on T.V. Harry thought. Wishing it was just that.

Another quartre of an hour later, a nurse came up to them, walking at a resonable pace, but of course Ron shouted.
"What took you so long"
The nurse just glanced dismally at him, then asked "Who's the husband?"
"I am" Ron said hoarsley.
The nurse's eye brows rows a fraction, but composed herself quickly,
"Your wife is fine" Ron's relief was instant, his shoulers sagged and slumped more into the waiting chair. "But we have a problem with the child" Ron's eyes flickered up swiffly.
"Well, as you know your baby can change"
"Yes" Ron stood up his eyes flashing.
"The baby isn't changing back, we don't know if it's because that baby doesn't want to or if it's because it can't"
Ron went back to his pacing as soon as the nurse returned to her shift, as she was not needed anymore.

Another half hour later, a different nurse came up.
"Great news you can come in" her smile and easy radions was reashoring and made Ron expecially happy.
"Hi sweetheart" Ron said, grinning ear to ear, coming towards Hermione. She was pale but her eyes were sparkling, which was a good sighn naturally.
"I told you not to call me that" Hermione smiled, her eyes widening at the sight of Harry and Ginny, "Oh gosh, this is imbarresing"
Ron laughed, "Why" he aksed affectionatly, knowing full well what the answer was.
"Well, firstly" Hermione was rudely interupted by a baby's cry from the door.
Hermione frowned, this made her think of her child.
After a while, Ron and Hermione both realised, at nearly the exsact same time, that it was the baby.There was many shouts and laughs of excitment,
"Oh my!"
"This is amazing"
"Truelly wonderful baby"
When all the excitment had subsided, Hermoine held her new born baby in her arms, her eyes brimming with happy tears.
"My first child" she whispered, gently brushing her babys head.

The End

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