Teddy did not speak or look at anyone whilst he was waalking to the green car. Harry and Ginny stood by and whached Teddy disapear around the corner.  Tonks mother ran back in the house crying. Harry and Ginny went in the house to comfort her.

"He will come back and visit won't he?" Tonks mother pleaded.

"Yes of course he will." Harry replied.

" He loves you to much to leave you." Ginney added.

"Well I suppose so." Tonks mother replied and then after an aquared pause Harry said...

"Well weshould go Mrs... I mean Molly want us back at the Burrow." So of they went after their fairwells.

When they got back Harry and Ginney automatically knew something was wrong so they rushedinside.

"AAAAAAARRRGGGHHHH" Was the first sound they heard.

"Whats wron..." Ginney started as they burst into the kitchen but she stopped as she saw what was happening.

The End

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