A meeting with Teddy and moving into a new house

Nobody spoke.
The whole house seemed to shimmer in the intensity of what Teddy was going to do next.
Teddy stood very quietly, staring at Ginny with such intensity, Harry felt the urg to push him away, and walk out, smashing the door behind him.

Teddy sighed, "Why are you here" it wasn't a question, of course it wasn't, it was a sort of order.
"We're, we're here to see you, Teddy" Ginny stuttered, feeling warmth cruel hungrly up her neck.
"No, why are you really here"
Silence hit the room again, breathing deeply Ginny stood up,
"I think you should sit down Teddy"
Teddy frowned, but did as he was told, for once.

"WHAT!" Teddy shouted over the sobs of tears that came from Ginnys throat, "WHAT!"
Breathing deeply, Harry tryed to explain, "You see Teddy, you're not actually"
but he was inturupted by a shout of anger, "ARGH!", WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME"
Teddy was staring at Tonk's parents, a deep crees over his normally smooth brow, a crees that shouldn't of been worn by an 11 year old.

"Teddy, listen, please" Tonk's mother whispered, rasping slightly, hereing the catch in her voice. "Please"
Teddy stood, perfectly still, his chest heaving.
"Your parents, my daughter and her husband, died, in a fight against good and evil." she paused, gulping, her eyes not meeting Teddys "They died for freedom, Teddy. After that, we took you in, but we weren't actually legally binded. So yes, the people came, and well, said you'd have to be taken"
"No!" Teddy looked shocked, almost devastated, "No, I don't want to go, please,. don't "
"I'm sorry Teddy, but we have no choice" anguish tugged at her throat, making it sore.

After a minutes silence, Ginny spoke, her throat cracking slightly, "You'll be brought to the childrens home in a weeks time" her eyes, silently looked up at Teddy's, showing how sad and guilty she was.
Teddy sighed, "I don't blame you," he paused " I blame, the people"  as silent as a cat, storking its prey, he walked out of the room.

Breath swam in the room, breaking to cords of anxiouty, still Mrs Tonks said in a minor tone "I guess you should go now" it wasn't rude, but more matter of factly.
"Yes" Ginny decided, "We should go"

After hearing the Potters leave, Teddy strudged down the stairs, and crammed his little head into Mrs Tonks's side.
"Please don't make me go" he pleaded, "Please"
"I'msorry, Teddy, I love you dearly, I want to look after you, but, but, it's just not possible"
Teddy still under hr arm muffeled "I guess, I guess I'm going to a new home then"
"Yes Teddy, yes"

The End

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