back home and a visit to Freddy Lupin

"Hermione ia still at the hospital." Mrs Weasley informed her husband. "Ron is staying with her."

"We're off" Shouted Ginney "Are you coming or are you staying?"

"We're staying" Mrs Weasleey replied nstantly.

"O.k bye" Said Ginney walking out the door to meete Harry.

"Well off we go" Said Ginny. Then they aparated over to Tonk's parents house.

"Harry! Ginney! What a pleasent surprise! Come in, come in" Said Tonks' father.  Harry and Ginny walked into the Tonks house hold. They met Mrs Tonks Then a child on a broomstick came whizzing past in a blur.

"Teddy get off the broomstick now before I confiscate it" Said Mrs Tonks imediently.

"Oh thats no fun though; DADDY!!!!" Said the boy.

"No Harry sn't you dad-"

"Well I can call him daddy since he is my god father" Said the child again, then he walked into Harrys site, and Harry saw a mini Lupin right before his eyes.

"Helo Teddy" Said Ginny getting down to her knees to meet the child.

"Hello" Replied Tedddy.

The End

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