Hermione's Metamorphmagus child

Ron, Ron it's all right" Harry was trying to calm a hysterical Ron down.

"All right? My wife is going to have the bottom half of her change whenever the baby feels like changing! And you think that is all right?" Ron shouted throwing of Harry who was trying to stop him from punching everything in sight.

"Well, that is a worry but it will be over soon." Said Ginny keen on not letting anyone get hurt.

"Yeh o.k I suppose so" replied Ron calming down for the first time in an hour.

"Ron?" Hermione murmured "My legs feel funny, where am I?"


"AAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGHHHH WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO MY LEGS? WHY HAVE THEY NOT GONE?" Hermione shreeked when she had looked down and saw her now pink fluffy legs.

"Hermione you child is a metamorphmagus!" Replied Ginny moving over to her.

"Is'nt that what Tonks was?" Asked Hermione

"Yep" Replied Harry

"Whilst were on the subject of Tonks has anyone seen Teddy yet?" asked Mrs Weasly who had been sitting beside Hermione the whole time.

"I heard he was being looked after by Tonk's parents" Harry said making a mental note to himself to find out more.

"Well how is Hermione going to change her legs back? She can't go to work like this can she?" Asked Ron getting Hysteria again.

"Well its obvious I wait until the kid, who if it is a girl is going to be called Tonks by the way! decideds to change back and I change back. But as for work I will send an owl in to tell them what has happened" Replied Hermione.

"AAAAGHH" Ginny creid out in pain, her hands shooting don to her stomach. A healer walked in right at that moment, noticed Ginny and said

"Pail cheeks, Wide eyes, sore stomach Your Preg-"

"I AM NOT PREGNANT" Ginny screamed

"Ginny calm down and listen to what the healer has to say" Mrs Weasley said in such a stern voice everyone in the room got the urge to quail and Quake.

"Well you can not deny it young lady, Now if you really don-t want to have a child you can easily get a healer to stop the kids growth" The Healer said to Ginny.

"Well... I want a child... But.... Harry... I mean..." Ginny tailed of and there was an aquard silence.

"Were having a baby, we are actually having a baby? I t is true?" Harry asked inable to hide his happyness. "Ginny... do you want it?" Harry asked aquardly.


"You are having it Ginney and that is that" cut in Mrs Weasly beside her self with happiness"

"Hello? my wife?" Ron asked as Hermines legs had just turned int a bright yellow colour.

"She will be fine, this will happen quite frequantly so we should keep her here." 

The End

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