Disaster Stikes ( Hermione )


Harry and Ginney woke suddenly in the middle of the night, at Ron and Hermione's, to here a loud and agonizing scream.

"Was that Hermione?" Ginney asked worriedly, hurrying into her pink, fluffy housecoat. Harry couldn't help but admire Ginneys legs!

"Yeh I think it was, lets go and see." Harry replied hurrying into his green housecout. Harry and Ginney hurried through the lovely wide hallways to Ron and Hermiones room. Ginney knocked and said

"Can we come in? are yous all right?"

"Yeh come in... somethings wrong with Hermione came Rons sobbing voice from the other side of the door. Harry opened the door quickley and let Ginny in then rammed into her because she had stopped. Harry peeked around Ginney then gulped.

Hermione was lying in bed, well, her top half was but her bottom half was brown and furry!

"Lets get you to St Mongos" said Ginny  after she had got other the shock. 

The End

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