A perfect Honeymoon and Ginneys pregnancy.

"Now are you sure you're ok with us leaving?"  Harry asked, being ushered out of the door.
"Yes, yes, it's fine" Mrs Weasley shushed, flapping her hands at them both, "We'll be fine"
"I still feel quilty leaving you" Ginny frowned, looking down, then looked up and gave her mum a small smile.
"Don't worry dear, everything will be fine" Mrs Weasley said, a croak in her voice.

5 minutes later, Harry and Ginny walked up the track towards there cab.
They had said good bye to Hermione the day before, but still feeling worried.
They would have to here any news about Hermione on the phone. But still, it was still not that reashoring.

The drive to the airport was very long, and mostly boring.
Harry decided to read, he had brought a very interesting book about werewolves. Ginny on the other hand brought her I-pod.
While listening to all her favourite songs, she looked up to see something unusual,
"STOP!" She shouted, the cab driver slammed down the breaks,

"What the bloody hell do you think you're doing?!" the cab driver, cried, turning around in his seat and glaring at Ginny. She glared back.
"Giver her a break" Harry shuved in.
"WHAT!" the driver screamed, "WE NEARLY HAD A"
"Stop it, both of you" Ginny interupted, staring ahead of her.
"What is it Ginny?" Harry asked worried, Ginny looked away,
"It's gone now, but I just thought I saw" she paused, she shook her head, "Don't worry, forget it"
"What?" Harry persisted.
"I said don't worry about it" Ginny palyfully punched Harry on the arm, laughing " Forget it"

An hour later they reached the air port, Ginny started to grumble,
"Why didn't we just aparate here"
Harry laughed,
"Because Ginny, muggles don't understand about magic, and if they saw two people just apear in thin air, they'll get really freaked out"
"I know that" Ginny grumbled even more, "Just wanted to grumble about it"
Harry shook his head, closing his eyes, yep Ginny could be troublesom sometimes.

While they were on the plane, Ginny jumped,
"Oh" she exclaimed, Harry looked up from his book.

"What is it?"
"My stomache just really hurt, just then" Ginny frowned, and it's paining me alot," she gasped.
Harry frowned look when we get there we'll go to the hospital, ok"

Ginny shook her head "Don't worry it's probobly nothing"
Then a man popped up from no where, looking over his seat, infront of them.
"You know, you could be pregnant"
"Excuse me" Ginny said, frowning,
"Yeah, it happens, your stomache giving pains, just before a pregnancy"
"And how do you know this?" Ginny asked, folding her arms.
The man laughed, "I havn't been, if you know what I mean" he paused, shaking his head, "My wife here"

He was inturrupted by a moan next to him,
"Joe, will you stop talking to other people about pregnancy" she moaned again, "You're very" she sighed, "They're just normal people, sensible, and probobly has never done anything spectacular in their whole life, so don't pester them with this unnessarry blaber"

The man who was suposedly called Joe, turned back to them, rowling his eyes,
"Sorry about that, my wife can be a bit grumpy at times, particularly when she's"
"Yes, they know Joe"
"Ok, dearest" he rowled his eyes again "She thinks she knows everything about people, so just take it in hand, that she doesn't like flying anyway" he paused, "It was nice talking to you" and with that he turned around and blonked back down in the planes uncomfortable seats.
Ginny grumbled and whispered in Harry's ear " I still don't see why we couldn't abarate into Hawii"

The End

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