The Worst

The nextmorning at eleven  Harry woke up and turned over so he could see Ginney. Ginney was sitting up in bed. Harry smiled at Ginney who happily smiled back.

"Hey, good mornin'?" Hary asked his speech still slurred from sleep.

"Yeh I can't believe we are actually married!" Replied Ginney happily staring into space "Well I suppose we should go and see how Ron and Hermione are."

"Yeh i'd love to go and see them. We will get packed for our honeymoon and then go and see them." Suggested Harry bending down into the brown drawr at the end of the bed to get some clothes out.

"Isn't there a quiker way to pack?" asked Ginny seeing Harrry was planning to use his hands.

"Not that I know of" replied Harry inosently. Ginney waved her wand infront of Harry and pink hearts waved out of it.

"Good point" Harry laughed. After Harry and Ginney finished packing everything they needed they went down to the kichen and found Mrs Weasley and George having a chat.

"Were going to see Ron and Hermione, coming?" asked Harry.

"No, were Happy here" Replied George.

"o.k see yous" said Ginney stepping out the door and then apparating over to Ron and Hermione's house. Harry waved goodbye to Mrs Weasley and George then followed Ginney.

"Well where are they?" implied Harry, Ginney who had been holding a note which had been taped to the back door and looked round at Harry. Harry coulld see that Ginney was trying not to cry.

"Harry... Hermione is unwell she is at the hospital she has been since last night!" Harry automatically, without thinking grabbed Ginneys smooth arm and apparated over to the hospital.

"I'm fine really!" said Hermione for the tenth time. Harry and Ginney had came to the hospital and found Ron and Hermione.

"No your not" said Ron

"Well what happened?" Asked Harry.

"We where having our tea, and Hermione got a pain in her stomach and then fainted!" Replied Ron sadly "The doc says that the baby has turned around in her stomach and is now growing the wrong way! so Hermione is going to have to take it easy because if she does anything then she will tire really easy!"

"Well you see it is true I am fine" Said Hermione trying to get up but falling back down with a look of pain on her face.

"No you are not" said Harry Ron and Ginney at the same time.

"Oh fine then if you say i'm not fine! but your supposed to say I am o.k to make me more confident." Replied Hermione huffily.

"Visiting time is over" said a blonde nurse who had just that moment stepped in.

Harry Ginney and Ron got up and said goodbye to Hermione and then left.

Harry and Ginney went back to the Burrow and collected their things they then left for their Honeymoon"

The End

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