Harry and Ginny's Wedding and Hermiones pregnancy

The rain had stopped from the previous night.

It was about a week since Harry had proposed, and Ginny was excited as ever.

"And that will go over there"
"Hi Ginny" Ron exclaimed, "Excited much?"
"Yes!" she cried happily, "Of course, I'm going to get married, tomorrow" she paused, "Oh no, not over there, I mean over there" and then started towards the man oh stood with the balloons over his head near sink.
Ron shook his head, Harry had alot on his hands, and Ginny wasn't helping that much.

Grinning from ear to ear Hermione stood in the door way, soken to the skin.
"What's so great, about being wet?" Ron asked, walking towards her.
"Nothing" Hermione put simply, "It's not that I'm happy about" Ron helped her take her coat off, and hung it up on the robin, acorn coat hanger.
"I've just gone to the hospital"
"And...." Ron frowned,
There was a long pause,
"I'm gonna have a BABY!" She screamed, flinging her arms around Ron, laughing, with tears sliding down her face, like waterproof sheilding.
"That's brilliant" Ron grinned, now from ear to ear.
"I'm going to back to the hospital tomorrow, just to check how I took the news and if it will affect our baby" Hermione laughed, like that was a stupid idea, " Of course I'm gonna be happy"

At dinner time it was deathly quiet only the odd scrapping of the plates sounded, up making everyone flinch.
After servral minutes of nothing, Mrs Weasley banged her fists down on the table, "Right, whats going on"
Hermione and Ron sniggerd,
Molly looked up and eyed them suspiciously, "What"
"Ok, ok, you caught us" Ron, smiled, it growing ever so wider ever second.
"Yes, you've caught us Mrs Weasley" Hermione joined in, laughing slightly.
"Look, I've told you, call me Molly, and yes what is it?"
"Ok, Molly, I'm pregnant" there was a silence that seemed to boom in everyones ears, pressure circulated ever corner of the kitchen and didn't even seem to beable to move around them.
"You're pregnant" Mrs Weasley spoke, in a spine tingeling low voice, then "THAT'S BRILLIANT!" She cried, screeching back her chair and with her eyes sparkeling with tiny stars of tears, she ran up to Hermione and hugged,  like she'd never hugged her before.
"Ok, mum, I think that's enough" a voice came calmly from the kitchen door, " I think you're strangeling her", everyone looked up and saw to there disbeleif George standing, with his new wife, a lovely woman, with glittering black hair and rosey, friendly eyes.
"GEORGE!" everyone laughed, and ran up to him, their arms flying everywhere.

10 minutes later of hugs and laughs, the family sat down together, seated randomly around the table.

"So what made you come here?" Mrs Weasely asked, with still shining eyes.
"Well, I couldn't miss my only sisters wedding could I" George replied, a sparkel in his eyes.
"Gosh" Ginny said, "News does spread fast"
"It sure does" George said reeching for Ginny's hands, and holding it fast, looked into her eyes, "It's the best day of your life, don't waist it"
"Uh?" Ginny grunted, a puzzeled expression painted on her pretty face.
"Just joking, I know you'll spend every last minute the best you can"
Then George's new wife spoke up, "So, who's the lucky man?"
Everyones eyes met on Harry's,

"Why is everyone looking at me" he asked, bewildered, then paused, " Oh, yeah it's me"
"Well, you're both very lucky, to be able to love each other even when things went bad, ninteen years ago"
The room became silent again,
"Did I say something wrong?" the woman asked, worried.
"No don't worry, Teria, it's fine, you've done nothing wrong," George paused, "Just bad memories, that's all"
She nodded, obviously understanding.

The special day came, and was beautiful as come be.
Everything was perfect, even the balloons were in the right perfect persition.

Ron laughed at that.

Everything was perfect.

That night, Ginny and Harry still in their wedding clothes, went off into the setting sun, then turned back, this is so Cliche. And then turned back to the house to sit by the fire and laugh and talk, smile and grin, and just all together enjoy life.

As the night drew in, they all climbed up the stairs, Harry and Ginny walking hand in hand, to their bedroom, and Ron and Hermione the same. Only George and Teria stayed down stairs, sitting next to each other, talking quietly to one another, and embracing each other well into the middle of the night, then gurdgingly decided to walk up stairs, to bed.

The End

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