The date and A big quiestion

Harry asked Ginny out. Ginny said yes of course il come with you so later  that night Harry and Ginny were found in a park.

"Harry whats with all the being quiet and whatnot?" Ginny asked after ten minutes of pure silence!

"Well... O.k Here it comes."said Harry and then he got down on a knee and holding a gold box out to Ginny he asked

"Ginny? Will you marry me?" Ginny was silent in pure shock for a couple of minutes and then jumped up and squealed

"YES of  course I will"  Harry smiled and then presented Ginny a pure platinum ring.

"AAAAAAAAAAAGHHH" Ginny screamed when she saw it and then held her slender hand out  for Harry to place the ring on, so Harry picked up the ring with   a smile the size of Saturn   placed it on Ginny's finger.

The End

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