Harry's chat with Mrs Weasley. And a change in the future.

"Mrs Weasly? can I ask you something?" Said Harry after checking Ginney was safely up the stairs.

"Yes of course go ahead my dear boy." Came Mrs Weasleys reply

"Well... Theres really only one way to put it... but ... Can I..."

Mr Weasley entered the kichen to see Harry looking embarassed and a confused Mrs Weasy. "Molly, Harry, whats wrong?"

"Well... I can tell both of you... so here it comes... Can I ... Marry... Ginney?" Blurted Harry. There was a very long akward silence.



"Why, of course you can"

"We will be Happy for you to join the family.

"OH, Thank you so much." Said Harry stunned.

"Do you know when you,'r going to ask her?" Asked Mrs Weasley.

Yep, Tonight" said Harry feeling really happy and exited.

The End

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