The Advantages, the Advangages of what?

Ah, The bliss of an emty house thought Harry cuddling  up to Ginnny in the emty Burrows sittingroom. Every ting had been really qiet since Ron and Hermione left. Mrs Weasel was really sad that her youngest son had left her but she tried not to show it.

"Harrry? Are you going to tell me whats bothering you? And dont say nothing is bothering you because i know something is." Asked Ginney feeling that she had done something wrong.

"Well... It's just... having Ron and Hermione away... in there own house... and this place being so qiet... I do enjoy having time with you but... it is quite weird isn't it...?" Came Harrys's hesitant reply.

"Well yes I suppose it is" Said Ginney glad that she didn't do anything to make Harry o duiet.

"I'm Home" Came Mrs Weasleys voice from the kichen. And immediently after Harry got up and said to Ginney

"Do you mind if I go and talk to her? Ginney said"No, I don't mind" So harry went to see Mrs Weasley.

The End

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