The Gift

That night Harry had a nightmare, about his years at hogwarts and about Lord Voldermort. He sat up bolt upright, panting and was beaded with sweat.
He leaned over and looked at his magical clock that literally turned its self around to face him, it read 5 O' Clock, he groaned and turned over again, shifting with unease, why did he always have these dreams, did it mean anything, something, and if so, what?

Beep, Beep. Beep, Beep.
Harry groaned and slammed his sweaty hand on his enchanted alarm clock. Yes it was magical.

"But why couldn't they make it turn off on its own"
He then got changed into his normal blue jeans and black t-shirt, then staggered down the soft carpeted stairs of Hermione's and Ron's house.

"Good morning Harry" Mrs Weasly croaked, like a frog, when Harry reached the end of the stairs, he gave a deep yawn and walked towards the kitchen's open door.
"Good morning Mrs Weasly"
"Oh, Harry dear, please, I've told a million times, call me Molly"
Harry shrugged and plonked down on to one of the woven Hazel nut coloured chairs.
CRASH, BANG, PLONK, BONK, and then another BANG!
Echoed round the house, Mrs Weasly closed her eyes then shouted,
"Ron Weasley What on earth do you think you're doing!"
Like they had recited it off by heart, Ron trudged in, staggering from on foot to the next, rubbing his sleep ridden eyes.
Then winced,
"I fell down the stairs and crashed into something"
"Yes" Mrs Weasly said dully "There was a definite crash alright"

Harry tried to suppress a snigger, but was unsuccessful, and was caught by a cloudy, sleepy eyed Ron. A few minutes later a puffy haired Hermione came slumping in,

“I’m so tired” she muttered, trying to stifle a yawn. Ron smiled, his eyes shining,

“Don’t worry we can go for a walk in the park to wake you up” Hermione looked up from pouring her cereal in a light pink bowl, “Yes Ron, and freeze to death” and then carried on pouring her cereal.

“Where’s Ginny?” Harry asked when he had finished his toast, and scrapped the remaining crumbs into the bin. Ron looked up from his cornflakes, and pondered for a moment, looking deeply concerned at his cereal, “She should be done about now” he slowly answered. Harry shuffled across the kitchen to him,

“Don’t worry I’m sure she’ll be done soon” and slowly walked out of the now quite crowded kitchen.


Harry glanced up the stairs and saw nobody, “Pst!”

Harry shook his head and walked up the stairs, and saw Ginny in her light blue dressing gown with her on of her favourite pyjama bottoms on.

“What is it?” he asked, a frown gorging it self into his skin.

“Nothing” she paused, “Just when are we going to show them the gift”

“Right after you’ve finished your breakfast” Harry then started to tut “You should always begin the day with a nutritious meal”

Ginny pretended to thump Harry on the arm.


After Ginny and everyone had finished breakfast and had gotten changed Harry and Ginny seated everyone in the soft and some fluffy chairs, before saying “We” Ginny looked at Harry and nodded, “we both have saved up and decided to get you a very rare artefact”

Harry nodded with a wide grin on his face, “Yes, we’ve saved many a month on this”

“Sorry Ginny” Harry laughed, he then walked out of the room and brought in the same object as the one they looked at the night before.

“What’s that?” Hermione asked with interest, straining her eyes on the item.

Harry flew the dust cover off and showed them a beautiful clock, very much like the Weasley’s one, but with more patterns and different words on it.

Hermione gasped with amazement.

“It’s beautiful” she whispered, standing up and touching the beautiful pine wood, or was it oak.
“Yeah, Harry where did you get this?” Ron asked, with astonishment, staring right at the clock.
“Well, Ron, if we told you it wouldn’t be so much as a surprise would it” Ginny said in a pretend stern tone.

Ron jumped back, “It’s not from Georges shop is it?”
“No silly” Ginny laughed, shaking her head if you must know, we got it in an antice shop” she paused, “It was very expensive”

Hermione walked around to face the clock hands, they showed Ron and Hermione Home “I should imagine” she sighed, “It incredible” with a quick flourish of her arms she cried “Thank you” and hugged Harry, and then Ginny. Smiling to hard Ron thought she would smile her whole mouth off, laughing he took her arm and said “Why don’t we put it up somewhere, maybe near the kitchen or by the dining table”

Hermoines eyes widened “That’s a wonderful idea, Ron”

Mrs Weasleys gaze turned to a stern gaze, “What does it say on it”
“Well, we haven’t actually seen properly” Harry confided.

They all took a step towards and Hermione read, Home, work, school, mortal peril, travelling, lost, hospital, prison and up to some naughty business. Harry said “I thought that would be for when you want to know what’s going on with your kids” he started to laugh.

“Yes” Hermione looked up at Ron, “Yes that would be most helpful, most helpful in deed”




The End

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