Ron and Hermione's new House

As soon as Hermione and Ron stepped into their house, Hermione uttered out a amazed gasp,

"What do you think?" Harry asked, stepping into the house brushing his dirty trainers on the welcome home mat.
"I think it's beautiful" Hermione grinned, and ran to the oak table in the middle of the room, and then to the soft settie that sat next to the table.
"It's my dream house!" she cried flinging her hands up in the air, laughing and ran back to Ron and gave him a big hug.
"What do you think?" she asked Ron, who stood gapping moved at the room.
"Ron?" Harry tilted his head so he could have a glance at Ron's face.
"I think it's incredible" Ron whispered.

After that they set up tea, in the kitchen that was all warm and cosy from the rainy and winter like spring out side.
"This is delicious Mrs Weasely" Harry thanked, stabbing a fork into the roast beef.
"Why thank you Harry" she gave a stabbing look at Ron, Ron looked up and then hurriedly said,

"Oh yes, it's delicouse"
"Thank you" Mrs Weasly chuckeld. Even though Ron was now a man he still had the same mother and son respect. and probobly fear from Ron.
Ginny glanced at Harry who returned the eye contact, then stood up his chair gratting on the wooden floor, everyone looked up.
"I've got to attend to something," he said, then reddend, "Something that will only take a few minutes" then at that he walked out of the silent room, it seemed after that that nobody wanted to speak. Until Ginny brushed some food off her clothes and muttered.

"I need the toliet" and scrapped the chair back and hurridly walked out of the kitchen.

"So what do you think?" Harry asked, pointing at something with a dust cover over it.
"What, I can't think of what it is with that dust cover over it" Ginny laughed, Harry lifted the cover off it, and Ginny gasped.
"Harry, thats, thats, that's beautiful"
"I know, I was thinking of giving it to Ron and Hermione on their wedding day, but I didn't want, well I didn't want lots of attention"
"Well, you sure got that right"

As soon as Harry and Ginny came back, Ron stared at them and catechized them where they had been.
"Ron stop prying" Hermione tutted.
Harry and Ginny grinned at each other and then sat down.
After the meal they decided to all go to bed, as it was pretty late.

"Good night Ginny" Harry smiled, holding her hand.
"Good night Harry" Ginny whispered brushing her red lips on his cheek. And started up stairs, looking back at him smiling from ear to ear.
Love was a delightful thing.

The End

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