After the Wedding.

"We're all ready! are Ron and Hermione coming yet? Oh how long will they be? They said they would only be an hour!"

"Mum calm down they have only been gone about fifty minutes." Ginny tried to reassure Mrs Weasley.

"Ginny, you have been worse, fretting them and everything!" Harry said attempting to pass time quicker.

"We're home!"Came the voice of a very happy red-headed man by the name of Mr Ron Weasley.

"Hello anyone home?" Came Mrs Hermione Weasley's happy voice.

"We're in the living room!" Shouted Mrs Weasley, and then quietly to Harry and Ginny "is the dust ready?"

"Yeh you get the hand ready" Harry whispered back.

"All set" Set Ginny and Mrs weasley together. The door opened and Harry got a glimps of Ron and Hermione before he chucked the instant darkness powder in the air then quickley went to were Mrs Weasley was standing and grabbed in the air until he caught hold of the hand of light.

"What? why did youse that instant darkness powder" asked Hermione.

"Because you can not peek. at that Mrs weasley and Ginney got a hold of Hermione and apparated. Then Harry got Ron and apparated.

"Wow where is this? It's sold? Is it ours? It is sooo Beutifull" Hermione was saying then-

"Of course It is, It's our present to you!"

"Oh wow I don't know what to say" Said Hermione

"Thanks mum your the  best." Said Ron

"Yeh I suppose I could ay that couldn't I?"

"Nope youcould just enter the house and make it yours." Said Harry. 

The End

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