The Burrow again.

Harry, Ginny, Hermione and Ron were all sitting in Ron's attic bedroom.

"You two going anywhere speical over the summer holidays?" Ginny asked Hermione and Ron.

"Well not much but we will be having a-" Ron started but cut of when Hermione hit him in the ribs.

"You'll be having a what?" Asked Harry his curiosity getting at him.

"Nothing mmuch" Squeecked Hermione.

"O.K, I was only asking" said Ginny keen to break the akward silence that appeareed after Hermione hadd said that.

"Kids come down here for a minute, please" came Mrs Weasley's voice floating up the stairs.

"O.K" shouted Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny. When they got downstairs Mrs Weasley a short, plump, kind-faced woman was standing in the kitchen waiting on them.

"I know yous havn't thought of it yet but what will you be doing when me and Arthur go out tonight but you will have to think now because we are leaving in half an hour."

" Me and Ron are going out tonight Mrs Weasley" replied Hermione.

"OOOH where about?" Ginny asked automatically.

"Don't know Ron won't tell me" replied Hermione.

"So Harry Ginny, what will you be doing?" Asked Mrs Weasle Quite keen to come of the subject Harry thought.

"I think we will go and have a look at jobs" replied Ginny.

The End

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