Ginney and Harry

"Harry...?" Ginny said.

"Yes?" replied Harry they were sitting next to each other on the banking of the lake. "If it is about yesterday please don't ask."

"No, it is not about yesterday, it is about you and what you will be doing next year?" Said Ginny planting another kiss on Harry's cheek.

"Well... I am not shure actually... I might try and get to be an auror... or i might... I don't know... Wait... Why are you asking?"Came Harrys puzzled reply.

"Well i think... I don't know..." After Ginny said this their was a long silence broken only by the sound of the wind against the trees.

"Harry...?" Ginny asked again.

"Yes Ginny" came harry's reply yet again.

"Do you think we will stick together for the rest..." Ginny paused looking embarassed. Harry waited for Ginnet to continue but she did not so he just left the matter fot another time because he was not wanting to spoil their relationship.

"Harry Ginny" It was Hagrid walking across to them. "How you doin'?" he asked them.

"Fine" Harry and Ginny said together, but, Harry thought, am i fine?

The End

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