Chapter Four: A Lapse In Time

It’d been months since he’d gone forward in time and realized with horror that he miscalculated drastically.  He meant to go forward ten years, not fifty!  Alas, he did learn some interesting facts though.  Potter and his blood traitor friend became aurors and hunted the remaining Death Eaters into extinction.  Then the Weasley child started working at a joke shop owned by his brother!  Comical though  it may be, the commercial success of the franchise made Voldemort question why he hadn’t tried to take over the economy through the use of corporations like the muggles had.  

Voldemort was walking quietly through Diagon Alley in the body of some middle aged witch.  The allure of the shops wasn’t the things they were selling, at least not to Voldemort.  It was their potential to be his future leverage in the wizarding world.  He walked around the enormous shopping center and noted how packed it was with fresh students bound for Hogwarts.  It seems the fall semester is about to start...

Of course wizards never went through an age of exploration and mercantilism and had none of the resulting ideas like the muggles, so companies weren’t publicly owned and there were no such things as stocks.  Maybe he’d steal some ideas from muggle capitalists in America; he’d heard those elitists controlled everything in their country.  If he could introduce the idea of a joint-stock company to the wizards, the idea would spread quickly and he would be able to monopolize the economy to suit his needs.  The wizards in power at the moment wouldn’t know what hit them until after he was done with them.

Yes that was it!  Stage one is to monopolize the economy, stage two would be to use his control over the economy to gain influence over the media, stage three would be to use the media to corrupt people into deciding to politically back those he favored, stage four would be to use that political power to put himself high up in the government.  From there he would begin placing programs of indoctrination into effect to prevent future rebellions in the younger generations and wait until the older generations died off.  In a few more decades he would be legitimately running the country with no evidence indicating him as a dark wizard until he finally began his true regime change, probably using marshall law as minister of magic to remain in power during a bogus war.

The heat was getting to the middle aged witch’s body, and it irritated him how weak her constitution was.  He would need to ditch this body soon for convenience.  Maybe he would let her live, maybe not.  He hadn’t decided what to do with the woman yet, and the Ice Cream shop was catching his attention.  Another note to self: the original person’s body still craves foods they like, no matter the effects on their bodies.  He sighed and walked to the shop and ordered an ice cream cone that changed colors before continuing to think about his devious plan.

Domination through money and indoctrination as opposed to fear was the way to go, at least at first.  Of course he would eventually begin his reign of terror, but not before he held considerable sway over everything anyway.  His plan to kill Harry Potter and regain the Elder Wand were still in effect, but now he would orchestrate the downfall of society with some organization, rather than the chaotic anarchy he used the first time.

That was another mistake he noticed; all he did was upset the established order, not dominating it or annihilating it.  This time, he would thoroughly purge the government of any naysayers through the use of capital, not magic.  This would be a new kind of war.  He smiled with the face of the woman’s body he stole as he thought of everything he would now do.  But first he would need to take over a more suitable body, somebody who already has amassed a decent amount of wealth.  Then an even eviller smile appeared on the possessed woman’s face.  The Potters and Weasleys fit that description perfectly.  And as luck would have it, the youngest Potter was having his birthday party today.  And they lived on the outskirts of Godric’s Hollow, within sight of the destroyed cottage his parents owned before he killed them.  A quick apparition would get him to the village, and then he would have to be creative to enter their property.  Security was probably going to be very strict.

A plan was being formulated in Voldemort’s mind that would get him into Harry Lupin’s body.  He shook his head, thinking about needing keywords to signify which plan he was thinking of.  This woman’s brain was confused by the easiest things.  Operation Potter was his plan to kill Harry Potter and Operation World was his larger plan to take over the world.  He would soon take over the body of Harry Potter’s adopted grandson, Harry Lupin.  How surprised would the ‘Vanquisher of Voldemort’ be when his own grandson hits him with an Avada Kedavra?

The End

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