Chapter Two: Initiating Phase One

As Voldemort’s mind was ripped out of his tall, thin body, he stared at himself.  Transfixed by the pale, snakelike beauty of his own face.  He nearly forgot his mission.  Duly noted: the mind’s sense of identity makes it incredibly narcissistic during out of body experiences.  Either that or his sense of self importance was much greater than he previously realized.  How odd it was to begin to truly become aware of yourself after abandoning the body you worked so hard to recover...  

He scrutinized his red eyes and came to the conclusion that self evaluation could wait until after he jumped into the ether of time and came out somewhere else.  If his calculations were correct, he only needed to remain in suspended animation for ten seconds from his perspective before returning to Earth.  As he was sucked into the wormhole, he saw his old body raise the Elder Wand to its throat and say “SONARIS!”  Then his body disappeared and the sun rose.  It set again and rose faster, the cycle accelerating at an alarming rate.  He miscalculated drastically, or mispronounced some part of the complicated incantation.

Being whisked through the fabric of space and time was not unlike using a portkey, only his senses were being barraged with years of information about the world around him and he wasn’t moving through space per se.  (Of course he was following the Earth’s revolving motions and revolutions around the sun in respect to the sun’s revolutions around whatever had a strong enough gravitational pull to affect the sun and so on, but being a wizard he didn’t know this and this part of the story is from his perspective.)  A thousand days began and ended in the blink of an eye, and he counted that to roughly be two and a half years.  He became disoriented by the sheer amount of data entering his mind.  If he had a physical brain, it would’ve surely imploded from sensory overload.  

He dropped to his metaphysical knees in agony, nonexistent tears running down his translucent face as decades passed by in seconds.  He couldn’t take this anymore.  Feeling as if his insides had been ripped apart, he exited the state of suspended animation and was back in the Shrieking Shack.  He would’ve breathed a sigh of relief if he had lungs.  So he was back to being bodiless, but not for long.  He could find a body to possess in Hogsmeade, then learn all he could of the world around him before taking further action.

The End

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