1 Becomes 2

"You have everyone so now get out" Lucius said

"We will not leave until you give us everyone" Harry declared.

Death eaters pulled Harry and Ron out of the room with the others and locked them in a room.

"Granger, what shall I do with you?" a death eater asks.

Hermione crawls near the door trying to get away. 

With a crash of lightning you-know-who appeared.

"Get the girl Weasley too" Voldemort said.

Death eaters on command bring Ginny Weasley in she was thrown on the floor next to Hermione.

Ginny this rime tried to escape.

"No,no,no" Voldemort said he shot a spell at Ginny and she fainted.

"Bring the others here they can watch there friends die" Voldwmort said with an evil grin.

Harry and Ron came in the room and Ron ears went red with rage when he saw his sister Ginny passed out on the floor.

"Lets fight potter and Weasley" said a death eater.

Ginny opened her eyes and Her and Hermione pulled there wands out. The death eater shot a spell at Hermione who screamed and was now covered in blood.

"STOP" screamed Ron.

The fight ended by a bang and a scream. When all the death eaters are dead Ron,Harry,Fred and George carried someone on there broomstick back to the burrow.

Fred took Mrs Weasley up stairs and George took flear upstairs while Harry,Ginny,Ron and Hermione stayed downstairs.

After some rest Hermione and Ginny were fine and were able to go to Hogwarts with Harry and Ron.

Harry was glad he and Hermione were not dead but he did not know who was T.M.S...

Authors note: This is it the end of the story, they reveal who T.M.S is in the next Harry Potter story 'Good and Evil' it follows were we left off here. Hope you enjoyed the story :-D

The End

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