Death eaters

It was Christmas and at the burrow All the Weasley family are there and Harry and Hermione were there to. Harry was still worried about the letter he got from T.M.S and still worried about how he was going to protect Hermione and Himself.


Harry jumped out of his daydream and saw about 3 death eaters take Hermione and Ginny and then fly off.

"No!!" Ron cried falling onto his nees. Fred came downsatirs with 4 broom sticks.

"The death eaters are taking all the girls" Said Fred.

"then lets go and get them" Harry said mounting his broom.

" The death eaters are taking the girls to Malfoy Manor so that is where we have to go" said George.

The flew to the Malfoy Manor main hall and hid behind the fire-table and saw about 5 death eaters drop:


Mrs Weasley




On the floor.

"I see you come out" said Lucius "You can take them all expect- Granger"

Harry instantly thought of T.M.S could this be him, surly not it must be one of his friends maybe. But I need to save Hermione whatever it takes...


The End

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