A giant taller than Hagrid

Hagrids house was lifted up by a 20foot giant. Hagrid ran away then looked back at Hermione who was getting out of her ice cube. Hermione ran the other way. To the giant. It picked her up and Hermione screamed.

"We have to help her" said harry

"so, lets confuse it" Ron said. They ran forward Harry right Ron left running around in circles. The giant kept turning his head to jeep an eye on harry and Ron. Sude,side,side,side. The giant who was now confused let go of Hermione who had fainted and Ron caught her. Harry joined them.

"Run" Screamed Harry as he caught up with Ron carrying Hermione. 

The ran back through Hogwarts on laid Hermione on the sofa in the commen room and waited until she awoke.

"She will be ok" Harry said smiling slightly...

The End

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