Taking Hermione

Harry,Ron and Hermione were in the great hall eating breakfast and eating.

"Ron I need to talk to you alone and Hermione cannot know" Harry whispers to his best mate.

"Ok" Ron whispers back.

"Hermione can you go in the library and research something up for me please" Ron said.

"Of course" Hermione aid smiling running off to the library.

"Hermione?" Ron said

"Yeah her" Harry replied

So she is-

Yeah in-


So we have to-

Save her-


"Got it" said Ron as Hermione ran back over to them.

"Here you go" Hermione said panting giving the paper to Ron.

"Thanks" Ron said walking with Harry and Hermione to there next lesson.

They arrived at Charms class and Harry,Ron and Hermione all sat on one table.

Hermione could see Malfoy on the other side of the room whispering something un-pleasent. Malfoy stood up and shouted:

"Potter, Potter, You old Rotter,

Potter,potter you old otter you live in a bin-

"Sssh" said mrs Mafame as she walked in the charms classroom.

Malfoy stood up and pointed his wand at Hermione. He blasted a strong spell at her and she screamed and fell to the floor. Malfoy picked her up and ran out of class and hid her into a mountain of snow in the middle of the forest...



The End

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