The Letter

T.M.S who is he? Another adventure waiting for Harry and his friends Ron and Hermione. T.M.S knows the future, he changes the future and he is murderer. He has now broke out of prison ready to Kill Harry ready to Kill anything or anyone in the way. He us there to Finish what he started...

It was Easter and all the candles were out expect the one by Harrys bed. Hedwig suddenely flew in and dropped a letter on Harrys lap. Harry tour open the letter and its said:

Dear Potter,

I know the future and YOU and one of your muggle born friends will die. If you want to keep HER alive then keep her safe. If you can!!! I am coming for you!!!!!



Putting his letter next to him Harry blew out his candle and fell asleep wondering where his and another future may lie...

The End

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