Harry Potter, The eighth book

Harry thought the damage was over, done with, once Voldemort had died, been destroyed, perished finally, but he was wrong. Had he forgotten the many Voldemort supporters out there? The many ready to tear his life apart, as he had so brutally and willingly ruined their tragically wrong lives. These people so beyond angry they would even risk their lives to prove themselves loyal to their late master, harry was in danger, yet so far he did not know this, did not know his life was far from perfect.


At the breakfast table, as usual James was winding up his younger brother Albus. Harry was making bacon whilst Ginny read out birthday cards to their youngest child. It Was Lily’s eleventh birthday; she was ignoring her brothers as she drank a cup of juice and reread her letter from Hogwarts, for the thousandth time.

She had just got her letter offering her a place. She would be going into first year. This family is unusual in many ways, for one, in the living room on the windowsill there is a screech owl, in a cage asleep, another is that there are many heavy wooden trunks in the cupboard under the stairs, also the whole family happen to be wizards.

The Potter family were going to be staying with the Weasleys for the last week of the holidays. Lily, Albus and James would be going to school with Ron and Hermione’s children Rose and Hugo, And also with Teddy Lupin – son of Remus and Tonks Lupin and was also Harry’s godson. James was in the same year as Teddy; Rose was in the same year as Albus. Hugo starting in the first year with Lily.


“Come on now, get ready were going to Diagon Alley, you all have things to get for school”.

Once they were all ready, lined up in front of the fireplace, Ginny took the pot of floo powder.

“James you first” she said. He climbed into the grate.

“DIAGON ALLEY” He shouted. James went swirling out of view.

“Right Harry you next, then Albus, then Lily”.

They all arrived in Diagon Alley.

“Come on Gringotts first, we need money”. As they walked up the white marble steps, harry suddenly remembered the time he had Sneaked in here with Hermione disguised as Bellatrix Lestrange in his seventh and final year at hogwarts, to steal some highly protected treasures from her vault, accompanied by Ron and griphook the goblin, though it was all for a good cause. They reached the stone sign on the wall, harry remembered walking past here at the age of eleven with Hagrid, just one day after he had found out he was a wizard, it was a poem that read:


Enter, stranger, but take heed,

Of what awaits the sin of greed,

For those who take, but do not earn,

Must pay most dearly in their turn,

So if you seek beneath our floors,

A treasure that was never yours,

Thief, you have been warned, beware,

Of finding more than treasure there.



As they walked through the marble chamber into the main hall, goblins rushed about everywhere, showing confused people their way around, behind the counters weighing different sorts of rubies and gems or serving people and taking them down to their vaults.

Harry stepped up to the nearest unoccupied counter.

“I would like to take withdraw from vault number 689, I have my key here” harry rummaged in his coat pocket then passed it over.

“Hmm ok, this way”. Said the goblin grimly and lead the way.

The potter family followed the not-so-friendly goblin, who took them off the main hall, harry who was expecting more marble was surprised to see stone coating the floors and walls. They all climbed into the one remaining cart. It set off at an alarmingly fast pace, turning and twisting it was hard not to feel sick. It stopped outside the potter family vault - vault number 687 – the goblin slipped his finger nail down one side of the door and it swung open to reveal Mounts of gold galleons, Hundreds Of Silver Sickles and thousands of bronze Knuts. Harry took some and handed them out equally between his three children and passed some over to Ginny.

The End

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