Harry Potter Returns

It was 19 years after the death of Voldemort. Harry was married to Ginny, while Ron and Hermione were married to each other. All of them had children, which went to Hogwarts.

Harry had not seen Draco Malfoy since the night of Voldemort’s death. Pretty much nobody had. Ever since the night of Voldemort’s death, Malfoy had been locked up in his room, only coming out for meals. Although nobody knew it, he had been studying on Voldemort. He found out that he would put parts of his soul in objects, which he would do by killing people. These soulfilled objects were called horcruxes. One night, Malfoy exited the house without his parents knowing. The next day, one muggle born wizard was found dead in her bed.

One October night (Scary atmosphere), while Hermione and Ginny were out shopping, Harry and Ron were watching TV together. Harry was getting a stomachache, which he would only get when something was going to happen. (Foreshadowing) Suddenly, they hear Harry’s front door open. They thought it was Hermione and Ginny back from shopping, so they asked “How did it go?”. No one answered. (Suspense) Suddenly, someone entered the room. Right away, Harry jumped to his feet and yelled “Expelliarmus!!” and the intruder’s wand fell away. He pulled out a knife, and charged at Harry, but Ron got up and yelled “Petrificus Totalus!!!”. Suddenly the intruder froze, and fell to the ground, getting knocked out with the impact.

Goyle woke up in a dark room, tied to a chair. He tried to break the rope, but it was magically enforced. The light suddenly turned on, and he saw Harry and Ron. Harry had a little bottle filled with some sort of potion in his hand. “This Veritaserum will make you tell the truth, Goyle.” said Harry. “You can’t make me, Potter!” snarled Goyle. “Actually, we can.” replied Ron. Then he forced Goyle’s mouth open, and  poured the Veritaserum in. After a small struggle, Goyle finally swallowed. Then Harry asked “Who do you work for?”. Goyle replied, “The man I’ve worked for ever since we were in Hogwarts.” Ron exclaims “MALFOY!?”. And Goyle says “Yeah. We were sent to kill you guys and the mudblood.”. “That so called mudblood is my wife!” yelled Ron. Then Harry asked, “WE?”. A BOOM sounds through the house, and Ron falls down. “Ron!!!” screams Harry, and rushes to him. Ron was just knocked out, but he was bleeding. Crabbe walks in, a smirk on his face. “Get me out!” screams Goyle. “After I finish Potter.” replied Crabbe. He yells “AVADA-” and is cut off by a hit on his head. Hermione stands over his unconscious body, holding a pan. “What happened to Ron!?” she yells. “Crabbe knocked him out. He’ll be fine.” replied Harry. “Why did they attack you?” she asked. “I don’t know. But Malfoy sent them.” replied Harry. “MALFOY!?” She yelled. “Yeah.” Harry replied. Ron suddenly woke up and yelled, “Where am I?!”. Then He saw Harry and remembered. “RON!!!” yelled Hermione. “Are you OK???”. “Yeah I’m fine.” replied Ron. Then he turned to Goyle. “Where is Malfoy?” he asked. “The Malfoy Manor.” replied Goyle angrily. “Why is he answering all of these questions?” Hermione asked. “Veritaserum.” replied Harry. “Let’s go to Malfoy Manor.” replied Harry. “First let’s tie up Crabbe before he wakes up.” said Hermione. “That makes sense.” replied Ron.


It was 4am when the three arrived at Malfoy Manor. They entered and found Ginny, unconscious, on the floor. (Plot twist) “GINNY!” yelled Harry, while running to her. “ She won’t wake up for another two hours Potter. By then you’ll be dead.” drawled  Malfoy. “Yeah right, Malfoy. It’s 3 against 1, we have to win.” said Harry. “First you have to destroy my horcrux.” (Symbolism The horcrux symbolizes the power that Malfoy has at the moment) said Malfoy. “What?!” all three of them yelled. “Yes. My one horcrux.” said Malfoy. “Why? Why did you do all of this?” asked Harry. “For revenge. I was going to kill you in that room, but the fire got out of control and the only reason that I survived was because you saved me. You made me look bad in front of my parents and my fellow Death Eaters. It’s time for revenge.”  

That night, Malfoy had tried to kill Harry in the room of requirement. Harry was looking for the "last" horcrux, but as they were about to leave Malfoy found them. He released fiendfyre, a cursed flame which becomes a living animal.  The room was set on fire, and Malfoy would have died had it not been for Harry getting him out of the room. (Flashback)

Malfoy drew his wand but before he did anything, they disapparated and got right behind him. They all said “Expelliarmus!!!!” blowing his wand out of his hand and Malfoy off of his feet. He got up, lip bleeding and charged. Before they could do anything, he punched Ron, who went down hard. Then he disapparated and appeared at the top of the stairs, holding a broomstick. “Guess what my horcrux is!” he yelled and flew away on it. “Hermione, stay with Ron. I’ll go after Malfoy. He disapparated to his house and got his firebolt and a basilisk fang, which can destroy horcruxes. As he took off, he saw Malfoy flying over his house. Harry gave chase. As Harry neared Malfoy, he almost got hit by a plane, giving Malfoy a bigger lead. Harry zoomed in with all of his broomstick’s speed and shot a bolt of fire at Malfoy’s broomstick, which instantly began to fall. He then chased after Malfoy’s falling broomstick and grabbed Malfoy off before he could die. They landed and Harry threw Malfoy off of him. As Harry approached the broomstick, he could feel the evil coming off of it. He quickly stabbed it, then while Malfoy was writhing in pain, petrified him.

In the upcoming weeks, Malfoy was convicted of attempted murder, murder, and was sentenced to Azkaban. Ginny was safely returned to her and Harry’s house, and everyone had an exciting story to tell for when their kids got home for Christmas. (Digressive time)

The End

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