Chapter 8. Rise of MorvayneMature

“Cyrus… Listen to me. I am not screwing around. Take Willow, and get the hell out of here.”

“Who are you, fiend?”

Lazarus laughed, “Quite a funny friend you’ve got here, Lopez. But you should really follow his advice.”

“Cyrus, please—Cyrus. Cyrus, leave. Now!” Leon was out of breath from fear. He was standing toe-to-toe with his arch nemesis, Lazarus.


“You… You’re the Dark Lord. You’re Lazarus!”

“Yes. Although I go by quite a number of aliases, and Lazarus isn’t one of my preferences, although it is my true name. I go by many names: The Second Dark Lord, Lord Voldemort the Second… ‘Fiend.’” He finished, eyeballing Cyrus. “Looks like you’ve some spectators,” said Lazarus. Leon turned around and saw most, if not, all the school watching the confrontation. He turned back.

“But, back to the subject of my name—“

“I don’t care what your name is,” said Leon angrily. "And why even bother with what people call you? You aren't as famous as Voldemort was!"

“Now, now. Don’t be rude. You think nobody knows me, because you've been naming me Lazarus, but that's not what I'm most commonly known as. As of this moment, right now, I am no longer Lazarus to any of you! That is the petty name Mr. Riddle had given me! I refuse to have a name given to me by him. From now on, I am Morvayne – The Dark Lord.

 “Morvayne… Cyrus,” Leon quickly looked at Cyrus who still had his wand pointed at Morvayne, resumed, “Get. Out. Of. Here”

“I grow tired of this petty game. Allow me to help you, Cyrus.” Said Morvayne. He drew his wand.

‘Avada Kedavra!’ A bright flash of green, brighter than any of them had ever seen, blinded them and the bolt of green shot straight into Cyrus and he fell, eyes open, straight to the ground flaccidly, and did not move after that. He had died.

“NO! CYRUS, NO!” yelled Leon, turning an angry face to Moryvayne who said, “That was fun!”

“YOU MONSTER! HOW COULD YOU—“ yelled Willow from Eruka’s grasp.

Morvayne turned to her, “Sectumsempra!”

Leon tried desperately to jump in front of the spell, but too late; the spell had hit Willow and she began bleeding and screaming. “ERUKA! DO NOT WORRY ABOUT ME! GET HER TO THE HOSPITAL, DO YOU UNDERSTAND? NOW!”

Eruka seemed reluctant to move.

“RUN, ERUKA!” Leon yelled and Eruka begun running holding a screaming Willow.

“You—you monster, Morvayne!” Blair, Dimitri and Alexis remained behind him.

“See?” said Morvayne carelessly, “isn’t that name much better than Lazarus?”

Dimitri, holding his wand and edging closer, said, “Why don’t you want the name given to you by your father?”

Morvayne laughed, “Isn’t it obvious? He was a failure! He had seven Horcruxes and he still lost! To a seventeen-year-old! Not to mention Lazarus sounds rather ugly, doesn’t it? He was an embarrassing failure. He deserves what he got. Luckily I am here to success him; to better his work.


A Death Eater to the left of Morvayne stepped forward and removed their mask.

“Hello, Dimitri. How have you been? Actually, don’t answer that; you’re standing alongside Leon Lopez: that says more than it needs to.”

Leon could see Dimitri becoming angrier and angrier, but who was this man? Leon did not know.

“Oh, I suppose you know him, don’t you, Salvador?” Morvayne laughed once more. Dimitri lowered his wand, began retreating, then eventually breaking into a run. Morvayne was about to curse him, when Leon ran in between Dimitri and him, and yelled, ‘Protego!’ and the red beam he had fired reflected and hit Morvayne. Breathing heavily, and recovering, Leon yelled, “Don’t you dare try the Cruciatus Curse on him!”

“You are all making me very angry, now. Azarias and Aldous, handle his stupid, bratty friends.” The only people who remained were Blair and Alexis. Leon could see May atop the hill, staring petrified at Cyrus’s body. The teachers were ushering them into the castle, then headed towards the battle. Two of Morvayne’s Death Eaters, Azarias and Aldous begun fighting with Blair and Alexis, and Morvayne had waved his wand at Leon, shouting the Killing Curse, but Leon dived out of the way, knowing he can’t block that curse. He ran sideways and tried to disarm him, ‘Expelliarmus!’ But Morvayne cancelled it out with a spell of his own. They had begun exchanging Spells back and forth between them.




“Avada Kedavra!”

None of these spells had managed to connect, however. Leon was too fatigued to keep fighting, but knew he couldn’t give up: he kept fighting Morvayne. He looked over at Blair and Alexis fighting for their lives. Professor Sithofith Apparated in front of them. “Patronus Maxima!” he yelled, and a stream of white, pure smoke hit every Death Eater except Morvayne. Leon fell over from being fatigued, but stood back up at once. He pointed his wand at Morvayne, and yelled, ‘Avada Kedavra!’

“That’s not enough strength, Lopez!” yelled Sithofith from afar. A weak ball of green shot from his wand, and while it still connected to Morvayne, had only managed to knock him back a few inches. He may as well have used Flipendo.

Morvayne regained his footing and held up his wand, but Sithofith rushed in, grabbed Leon’s hand, pulled him over to his friends, grabbed their two hands and Disapparated.

They were in the hospital wing, and Sithofith hurriedly said, “I’ll be back. Don’t go anywhere!” he Disapparated at once, back to Mayhew who was now battling Morvayne.

“Allow me, Headmaster!” said Sithofith.

“Patronus Maxima!” It had turned the Second Dark Lord into nothing but black smoke being pushed away by the stream of white.



Leon awoke the following morning, realizing he had passed out and saw everyone sitting in front of him except Willow, Blair and Alexis.

“What happened?” he sat up straight away.

“Take it easy, Leon,” said Sithofith. “That was quite a remarkable Killing Curse you conjured. If only it had been just a bit stronger, you would have got him.”


“Willow… Willow! Where is she? Where is Willow?!” yelled Leon. He jumped out of bed even though everyone tried to keep him down. “Willow!” He looked at all of the hospital beds before coming across Willow’s bandaged body.

“Oh, my god Willow! I’m so, so sorry!”

She opened her eyes. “It’s okay, Leon. I knew I would end up getting hurt somehow. Doctor says I got here just in time, so that is great.”

“So, you’re going to live?” Leon said, with relief in his voice.

“Yes. Yes I am.”

Leon couldn’t help himself; he had to give Willow a gentle hug from her bed.

“I’m sorry, Lee. I shouldn’t have come down. I should have stayed in class. I’m sorry!”

“It’s not your fault, Willow.” He stood back up, “What of Lazar—Morvayne?”

Mayhew breathed, “Sithofith had managed to get him out of the grounds using a spell of his own concoction if I’m not mistaken.”

“So he escaped…” said Dimitri sadly.

“Yes, and no, I suppose.” Said Sithofith.

Willow called back out, “Did anybody else die except for Cyrus?”

Leon remained quiet, awaiting an answer since he seemed to have passed out, then Eruka answered, “No. Nobody died except Cyrus… Poor guy. I can only imagine how May must be feeling.”



Leon saw May out the front of the Hufflepuff common room. She had finally come out after a week and a half after the event of Morvayne’s arrival. He sat down next to her.


“Hi, Leon.” She replied.

“I’m really sorry I couldn’t—I mean I couldn’t save him.”

“Don’t blame yourself. It is not at all your fault.”

“I should have fought him when I had the chance…”

“Don’t blame yourself; you did all you could.”

Leon stared into her eyes. “Are you going to be okay?” he asked, wiping the tears from her eyes.

“Yes. Yes, I think so. It’ll just take me a while to move on.” Leon nodded, “Yes, of course. I understand that.”

She leaned onto Leon, sobbing with her head on his shoulder. He put a sympathetic arm around her shoulders and pulled her closer. “It’ll be okay,” he kept repeating. “It’ll all be okay.”



Mayhew had decided that, in light of the events, he would hold off on the yearly examinations until the beginning of the next term. Leon, once he had finished packing, stood outside Ravenclaw tower, waiting for Eruka and Willow. When they finally came out, they began walking towards the front gates.

“I just can’t believe what a year it’s been. I didn’t expect things to get like this so quickly,” said Eruka.

“I can’t believe I almost died,” said Willow.

“It has been crazy, but it won’t get better yet. It’ll only get worse before it gets better. But, Willow, you must trust me when I tell you to stay away from them, okay?”

Willow nodded.

“You know,” Leon said, turning to Eruka, “even though he wasn’t my favourite person, I’m still very saddened about his passing.”

Eruka frowned, “Of course. It is so much more frightening seeing it happen, too.”


Outside the main entrance to the grounds, Leon met with Blair. They began crossing the long bridge that connected the school to the city across the water with waves splashing onto the sides of the bridge.

Blair looked at Leon, “I really, really hope that we—that we don’t have a repeat next year of what happened that night.”

“Mayhew said he couldn’t promise that nobody would die. How right he was.” Said Leon. “Come on, let’s go see the girls and Dimitri off on the train.” He said, a bit more cheerfully.


Eruka begun, as the train approached the station, “I’ll see you two boys next year. Behave yourselves over the holidays, and make sure you keep in touch- both of you!” she kissed them both on the cheek and boarded the train. Willow came second, “Lee-Lee, thank you again for saving me against that bully and his snake. And, again, I’m sorry for worrying you. But now I’m going to have to explain to mum where I got these cuts. Good grief. Bye, Lee! Bye, Blair!”

“Bye!” they called after her.


Dimitri and Alexis approached them. Alexis begun, “I haven’t got much to say, but I’m glad we became friends- both of you. I’m looking forward to another great term! Bye!” she boarded the train and sat next to Willow and Eruka. Dimitri looked at them, “Guess I’m the lucky guy who has to listen to three girls talk about feminine stuff for an hour and a half. Joy.” They all laughed.

“Okay, bye!” said Dimitri. “Wait!” called Leon,  and Dimitri turned around. “How did that Death Eater – what’s his name, Salvador? - know you? He called you by your name and spoke as though he was fond of you.”

Dimitri simply said, “Later, okay?” and boarded the train without another word. Leon and Blair left the station together. “How come nobody takes the Floo Network with us?”

Leon said, “They’re all from suburbs that are mainly Muggle-orientated, so the Floo Network doesn’t run over there.


They stood in front of the same fireplace that had delivered them unto the castle; Leon threw the green powder in, turned to Blair and said, “See you next term. It’s been fun.” Leon walked into the green flames, and Blair picked up his powder and went his own way.


The End

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