Chapter 7. ConfrontationMature

“Are you alright Leon?” asked Eruka, as Leon sat by the fire in the Ravenclaw common room one evening, staring at his feet silently.

“What? Oh – yes, I’m fine,” Leon lied. Eruka stared at him, raising one eyebrow.

He sighed, “I can feel some kind of… dark omen coming. I think it is, anyway.”

“How can you possibly—“

“I don’t know, Eruka! I can just feel some kind of evil! Alright, I don’t know how or why!”

Perhaps this could just be a result of repressed stress on Leon’s part: he had a lot of yearly examinations coming up next month, now that they had finally arrived in the month of June. But Leon denied this, tooth-and-nail. He was absolutely sure he felt evil nearby. Could it be the Second Dark Lord, Lazarus, attempting to infiltrate the castle? Whatever it was, it was putting Leon on edge, and making him even more stressed than he needed to be, what with all these examinations.

Since it was only five-thirty, Leon accepted Eruka’s invitation to go and meet Dimitri, Alexis and Blair. Eruka also ran up to go get Willow to go with them, too.

By quarter-to-six, they had all met up in the courtyard, in their usual spot by the fountain. Alexis seemed to be examining a sheet of paper, which appeared to be a practice test for the official yearly test.

“Hmm…” said Alexis, contemplating, “Which of these potions could help you get past an Age Line: Potion of the Living Dead, Felix Felicis, Poly—“

“For the love of God, Alexis,” exclaimed Dimitri, “it’s an Age Potion!”

“Right, right, thanks, Dimitri.”


“Good to know you’ll have the potions final in the bag, Dimitri,” said Leon, “I’m quite passionate on learning Potions better.” Of course, Leon was feeling quite confident, having received a B+ for his and Dimitri’s Polyjuice; they had used it to transform into Blair and Eruka, and it lasted just short of an hour.

“That Polyjuice was really good, though, Leon. It was a lot better than Blair’s,” said Eruka, snidely towards Blair. Willow, the whole time, sat quietly, catching up on what appeared to be geography homework.


“ ‘If I wanted to ask my enemy something I know he wouldn’t answer, would I use: Felix Felicis, Veritaserum, Invisibility potion,’ well that one just isn’t right, ‘or a Love Potion?’ Okay, so it’s definitely one of the first two,” said Alexis, chewing on the end of her pencil. “I’ll put Felix—“

“Veritaserum,” said Dimitri, impatiently.

“Right. Thanks, again.”


“So, Leon, are you going to tell them how you’re…’feeling,’ so to speak?” asked Eruka.

“What’s she talking about, Leon?” asked Willow.

“Oh, well it’s just, umm—“

“Hey, guys!” called a familiar voice. Leon turned to face the voice: it was May.

“Oh, hi, May!” said Leon enthusiastically, as if forgetting what they were talking about before she showed up. “How are you?”

“Quite well, thanks! I was on my way back to Hufflepuff Tower when I saw you all out here.”

“Well, we like having you around, don’t we, guys?” said Leon, and everybody else said, what sounded like, “yeah,” half-heartedly.

“They’re just all thinking about the yearly tests. Don’t mind them,” said Leon to May. May giggled.

“What are you doing out here, May?” called another familiar voice. This time, looking past May, Leon saw Cyrus Laplume. Cyrus still wasn’t Leon’s favourite person, just because of how stuck-up he appeared.

“Oh, if it isn’t Lopez, again. Hello.” Said Cyrus, angrily.

“You know, I’ve got a first name, ‘Laplume.’”

“I happen to be a prefect, Leon.”

“I happen to not care.”

Cyrus got a bit closer to Leon, walking past May. “Watch your tongue… And again,” he leaned in to whisper into his ear so May couldn’t hear, “stay-away-from-her.” Cyrus grabbed her hand, “Come on, sweetie. Let’s go to the common room,” and he led her away.


“That guy…” said Leon, angrily to his friends.

“Tee-hee. Feeling a bit jealous, Lee-Lee?” asked Willow with a broad smile on her face. “Jealous? No, of course not. Why would I be jealous? I just don’t like his attitude. He is the jealous one. The stupid, little, pretentious, greasy-haired, pretty-boy Laplume—“


Cyrus had turned around very quickly, brandishing his wand.

‘Stupefy!’ His spell had almost connected with Leon, when he just managed to draw his own wand. ‘Protego!’ The spell bounced off of Leon’s small shield, emitting from his wand and returned to Cyrus, who had got himself and May out of its way. Leon, walking closer to Cyrus, yelled, ‘Everte Statum!’ which had sent Cyrus’s body flipping as he became airborne, then landed on his back, groaning. He slowly got up, “You…dare…curse…a prefect?”


May grabbed his hand, “Come on, Cyrus. You started that fight; you deserve it quite frankly.” She turned her head and winked at Leon as she said that.

“The bloody hell do you think that was about?” asked Leon.

Willow laughed once again, “Tee-hee, I think she has a thing for you, Lee-Lee!”

Leon grinned softly at the though of that. Eruka, becoming slightly furious, said, “Why can she call you ‘Lee-Lee,’ but I can’t even call you Lee?”



“…and I’m just worried that maybe what I’m feeling is what I said about the omen. I just want everybody in this school to be safe.”

Mayhew stared at Leon and nodded, “That’s most noble of you. But I assure you, if something were to happen soon, I would know. I would know soon enough to usher everyone to safety. Would you like some tea?”

“Oh, no, that’s quite alright,” said Leon.

“Don’t be ridiculous; have some tea.” Leon submitted and said, “Okay, sure.”

Mayhew grinned, stood up and walked over to where his tea and coffee pots were.





“So, you’ve been having that feeling, how long?”

“Well, it only started on Tuesday, so, three days.”

Placing the tea on both sides of the table and sitting back down, Mayhew said, “I know this isn’t fair. I know Lazarus has no reason to be out for you, but there’s no reasoning when it comes to the Dark Lord or the Death Eaters. And I cannot promise that there won’t be a war, either, Leon. Nor can I promise nobody will die.” That last statement made Leon feel uneasy. He wasn’t sure what to say to that, so he begun looking around the room.

“I think I’ll take my leave then, Professor.”

“Very well. Take care, Leon Lopez.”



Leon went straight back to the common room, skipping dinner. He stood in front of the unlit fireplace and pulled out his wand.

‘Incendio.’ A flame shot out of Leon’s wand and the wood in the fire had begun burning. He sat down on the chair closest to the fireplace and started studying for his yearly examinations, all the while being distracted by the conversation he had just had with Professor Mayhew. After thirty minutes, Leon heard the door open, and he saw Willow come around the corner.

“What are you doing up here, Leon? Shouldn’t you be down at the feast?”

“I’m not hungry.” He replied.

“What’s going on with you? You’ve been quiet ever since Wednesday. Are you alright?” Leon raised his head and looked at her, then averted his attention away from her and sighed.

“If I wasn’t here, Lazarus would have no reason to come here. Maybe I should leave—“

“Didn’t Alexis and Dimitri both say he attacked that school- what’s it called, Durmstran? Dumstrung?”


“Anyway, he attacked Durmstrang and you weren’t there; so if he were to come here it wouldn’t entirely be your fault.”

For a Muggle, she made a lot of sense. Leon felt easy once more. “Thank you, Willow.”


About a minute had passed and neither of them had said anything, nor had either of them moved. So Leon decided to bring up another conversation, “What class do you have first on Monday?”

“History. It’s not a great way to start off a morning; especially Monday.”

Leon looked puzzled; although it was straightforward, he had no idea what History class would be for.

“Do you mean to tell me you don’t know what History class is?” She giggled, “it’s just like your History of Magic class, except it’s about history involving everything non-magic-related.”

“Sounds…interesting.” Said Leon, insincerely, “I have Care For Magical Creatures with the fifth-years again; we know what that means: more Cyrus. Damn it I hate that guy.”

“You’ll be fine, Lee. Just try to ignore him, okay?”



Leon walked with Blair and Eruka, with Dimitri and Alexis right behind them. They walked across the huge meadow in order to get back down to where the teacher always met the class.

“Great. We’re stuck with Cyrus for another hour.”

“It won’t be that bad, surely,” said Eruka, oblivious to how much Leon could not stand him.

They all broke up into the groups they were in last time, and Cyrus walked over to Leon and Blair hastily. He stood next to them, not saying a word, but it seemed like he had a firm grip on his wand that was already out. Leon thought maybe this was a precaution in case he tried to curse him again. But why would he curse him for no reason? Cyrus started it last time, and Leon was never one to start arguments out of nowhere.

“Okay, fifth-years! Refresh my class’s memory of how to approach a Hippogriff! The slow walk, the bow, and finally, touching it.”

Cyrus turned around and stared Leon dead in the eye, “Watch how I do this so you don’t end up dead.” He began walking, but then he turned around, “On second thought, feel free to talk to Evans; this is rather tedious.”

Leon scrunched his hand into a fist when he turned back around.


He released his hand when he realised the Hippogriffs were acting rather strange. He had also, as well as everyone else, realised that the sky had turned dark and overcast. A storm could be heard in the distance, even though just a minute ago, the sky was clear and sunny. The Hippogriffs tried feebly to fly away even though they were shackled to wooden posts. Several streams of black smoke streaked through the near sky towards the students and about half the class had already begun running towards the castle.


“Everybody inside!” yelled the Professor, but something interjected Leon to stay where he was. About five of the smoke streams hit the ground and materialised into several cloaked men wearing mysterious masks with their wands out. Leon, Blair, Eruka, Alexis, Cyrus and Dimitri walked backwards slowly; adding distance between them and the mysterious men, when a final stream of black smoke came ever quicker towards them and struck the ground. However, this one didn’t materialise into another cloaked man in a mask: this one had turned into a man about seven foot tall, long, black hair that went just past his shoulders and covered the sides of his face, who appeared to be also wearing a black robe. He had a rather bony face, a stiff-looking nose, pale skin and ears slightly bigger than regular size.

“No. No. NO! Are you—?”

“Leon!” called a familiar voice. Leon spun around and saw Willow running towards them.

“NO, WILLOW!” Leon yelled, “Get her out of here now!”


“Well, what’s the hurry?” asked the mysterious, pale man. “I trust that, after all this time, you’ve been dying to meet me, Lopez. No?”

Cyrus raised his wand at the man, “You had better back off! Otherwise you will have me to deal with. And when Professor Mayhew gets here--!”

“Cyrus, shut up!” yelled Leon, now with his wand at the ready, “It’s… It’s him!” he gulped, “It’s the Second Dark Lord, Cyrus!”

“Never mind me, Leon. Just get her out of here,” he said quietly, motioning his head towards Willow.

“Eruka, take Willow. Take her away. GET HER OUT OF HERE, RIGHT NOW!” He turned back around.


Leon was finally face-to-face with the Dark Lord, Lazarus.


The End

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