Chapter 3. Willow VarelaMature

During every break that day after Dark Arts class, Leon went to the library to try and find any information on the Dark Lord Voldemort’s son, Lazarus, but he didn’t find anything. He searched what felt like every book in the library, but to no avail. He was there until about ten-thirty when he finally got kicked out by the librarian and sent back to the Ravenclaw dormitory. He entered, and saw Eruka waiting by the fireplace for his return.


“Leon! Where have you been? After dinner you just disappeared. I started to—“ But Leon ignored her and kept walking. He went straight up the stairs, dropped everything he was carrying precariously next to his bed and collapsed and fell asleep almost immediately. He then awoke at around eight o’clock the following morning and schlepped down to breakfast in the Great Hall. He sat down next to Dimitri, across from Blair and Alexis. “Hey, Leon. How’d you sleep? Blair and I were just talking about that one time last year in Defense Against the Dark Arts when he accidentally summoned a snake. Remember when the whole class—“

“Dimitri,” Alexis interrupted, “I don’t think he’s in the mood.” Leon sat for five minutes staring blankly at the plate of food in front of him, when he finally broke the silence. “I’m sorry for ignoring you, Dimitri. But you can understand; I mean, just yesterday I found out that the second Dark Lord is out to kill me. Why has nobody told me this before?”


“I really don’t know, but if I had to guess, maybe they wanted to wait until you were old enough.” Suggested Alexis. “Where’s Eruka?” Questioned Leon, looking around the Great Hall. “She had to go talk to Professor Sithofith. At least that’s what she told me.” Answered Blair. “I guess it would explain why Sithofith isn’t with the rest of the teachers up there.” Blair continued, while motioning his head towards the staff table. “If it makes you feel any better, Leon,” said Dimitri, turning to look at Leon from Alexis, “not many people know about Lazarus. The only people who really know him are the students or teachers that went to the schools that got attack. That’s why I—How I—“

“That’s alright, Dimitri. Alexis has already explained about Durmstrang.” Leon patted Dimitri on the shoulder comfortably. “At least you two made it out of there.” Blair tried to look consoling, but he was too busy shoveling food down his throat.


Eruka, after about twenty minutes, came and sat to the left of Blair. “Leon!” she yelled joyfully, “Great, great news! I know you have been worrying about the news with… Lazarus” she said a little softer, “But,” she raised her voice again, “Professor Sithofith said that he will have us practicing all kinds of offensive spells and teach us how to use the three Unforgivable Curses when we’re all ready.”

“They’re illegal!” Exclaimed Alexis. “I absolutely refuse to.” Dimitri looked at Alexis with shock. “But if the Death Eaters attack this school or something, we need to be able to kill them. Surely the Ministry cannot arrest us or expel us for killing Death Eaters; they’re evil, and it’s self-defense.”

“So, they’re still calling themselves ‘Death Eaters’ even though Voldemort is gone.” Said Leon.

“Anyway,” Alexis imposed, bringing the topic of conversation back to what she initially said, “I do not think I could kill, or even so much as conjure that—that curse. Even if it is a Death Eater—“

“-who will kill you if you don’t kill them!” Exclaimed Eruka. Nobody had seen this side to Eruka. She was never really one to care extremely about the rules, though she wasn’t troubled. She had never gone as far as to suggest using an illegal curse. “Besides, the Ministry has allowed use of such curses for educational and self-defense purposes only.”

The bell sounded and Dimitri said, “Come on, we have Divination. I really wish we hadn’t decided to take it again this year.” They had to tolerate an hour of Divination, with a professor who bored them beyond belief. None of the five really bought into the concept of Divination, but it was either that or Ancient Runes which they liked even less. The other classes that they might actually like were already full.


“Welcome to Divination! Together we shall predict our untimely demises using tea cups!” Dimitri turned to Blair and whispered “What a senile, old—“

“Dimitri!” They both jumped. “Stop talking to Mr. Evans and pay attention, or else we may be able to predict you failing this course!”

“Bet we can predict how much I don’t care by my facial expression, you miserable—“ He began quietly. “Perhaps you would rather wait outside if you can’t stop talking, young man!” When they finally got out of class, Dimitri began expressing his discomfort. “Maybe we should have picked Ancient Runes! I mean, the teacher isn’t as bad as that little—“

“Calm down, ‘Dimi’.” Said Alexis. Dimitri looked unsettled at her. “That’s Dimitri, thank you.” Eruka chuckled. “You know, maybe it was right of them to place you in Slytherin; you don’t tolerate much and it makes you upset.”


They all didn’t have Defense Against the Dark Arts again until Friday second period, which was two days from their Divination class. Undoubtedly, Professor Sithofith had begun getting more extreme with what was being taught in the classroom. “I refuse to practice illegal curses, Sir!” Yelled Alexis with her arms folded. Sithofith walked gradually towards Alexis. “Oh, we aren’t going to be practicing those curses for a while. None of you are ready. For now, we will practice basic offensive spells such as Stupefy and Expelliarmus. And in addition, such defensive spells as Petrificus Totalus on these Boggart-wolves that have been bewitched to only take that form, and they cannot attack, being Boggarts. Now—Yes, Blair?”


Blair had his arm in the air and had an urgent look about him, as if his question would be extremely important. “Sir, you say you are going to have us practice the Unforgivable Curses, but yet you have the audacity to tell us we aren’t yet ready to cast one when last lesson you couldn’t even—“

Blair paused abruptly as he saw Professor Sithofith quickly brandishing his wand, spinning around one hundred and eighty degrees to face the front of the room as he whipped his wand and yelled, “Avada Kedavra!” and as he did, a green ball of energy – this time much greener, bigger and faster, zoomed across the room and struck a Boggart-wolf straight on and the boggart fell straight to the floor and was dead before it hit the ground.

The class was shocked, as this was the first time most (if not all) of them had seen a fully-fledged Killing Curse being produced. “Do not underestimate your teacher, Evans. I purposely did not put enough power into killing that Boggart the other day. I simply wanted to show you how feeble it would be for you to attempt to cast it. However, due to the current circumstances you must all be taught how to use this curse, and how to do so without fear – that includes you, too, Ms. Rubeski.” He turned to face Alexis, who, frightened, was still reluctant to practice illegal curses.


“I’ll practice simple offensive spells, I won’t cast anything as bad, or worse, as Sectumsempra. Understand?” Sithofith, bending over to level his eyes with Alexis’s, gazed into her eyes, “Listen to me very carefully. You. Do. Not. Have. A choice. You participate in the practical, or I will fail you immediately. Are we clear?”

Alexis’s eyes were filled with loathing and despair. “Y—Yes, sir.”


During the break, Leon and Blair had decided to go for a walk around the grounds by themselves, since they hadn’t had a chance all year just to talk among themselves in private. They were walking along the grassed area next to a vast lake. “I honestly can’t wait to delve into more advanced spells and curses in Dark Arts. I mean, did you see Sitho’ just kill that Boggart so quickly? Fascinating!” Exclaimed Blair, as they walked next to the lake. “Quite fascinating…” Said Leon in a near whisper.

“Is something wrong, Leon?”

“Oh, no. It’s just that… Well… I don’t really know how to explain—“

“Serpensortia!” Leon was interrupted by a nearby scream further along the field. A snake had emerged from a fourth year’s wand and begun chasing a third year student; what Leon and Blair found strange was the victim didn’t have her wand out. Leon bolted towards the student screaming, as she was about to be attacked by a serpent: he brandished his wand.

“Vipera Evanasca!” A bright bolt shot out of Leon’s wand and caused the serpent to disintegrate. He then turned the wand on the bully. “Expelliarmus!” He caught their wand. “What in the hell do you think you’re doing to this poor lady?”


The fourth year approached him. “Ha! Lopez. Do not make me laugh. You’re only a puny third-year, while I am on my fourth year. I think I would be a bit more talented in the field of magic than you. Even without a wand I could beat you.”

“Is that so?” Questioned Leon, looking menacing. While the bully was a fourth-year, he was about two and a half inches shorter than Leon. “Petrificus Totalus.” Said Leon calmly, as the boy’s body froze up and fell to the ground. He laid his wand next to him. “Are you okay?” He turned to the terrified girl, who appeared about four-foot-five, long brown hair, dark blue eyes and dressed in blue and black.

“Oh. Uhh—Yes! Yes I’m—I’m fine now, thank you.” Leon grinned, and replied, “Just remember that incantation in case he sets another snake on you. He will feel even more embarrassed being beaten by two third-years.”






The girl looked to her feet. “A—Actually, I’m a non-Wizard.”

Leon looked at her. “You’re a Muggle?”

“No! She yelled, “I’m a non-Wizard! Don’t use that term with me. I think it’s a little presumptuous that you can call us such a demeaning name, like being a Wizard is the norm for society. If anything, you’re gifted; we’re not disadvantaged.”

Leon looked guilty. “I’m sorry. But I mean, I did just save you. You could at least be a bit nicer to me.”

“You’re right! You’re completely right. I’m sorry! I just hate that term. Please don’t use it again.”


Leon reached his right hand out to this girl. “I’m Leon, by the way. Leon Lopez, third-year Wizard from the Ravenclaw house.” The girl hesitated to hold her hand out, being nervous about something or other. But she eventually reached her right hand out and said to Leon, “I’m Willow Varela. I’m also a third-year Ravenclaw. Of course I’m not a wizard, like you.”

Leon shook her hand and released, then after putting his wand away, said, “Well, it’s great to meet you, Willow.” Then he turned around, having almost forgot about Blair’s presence. “Kidding me. You’re such a chick magnet that we can’t even have a man-to-man chat without you going to save a damsel in distress who’s quite capable of using a simple counter-spell.”

Leon moved from in between Willow and Blair, and introduced them. “Oh, Blair, this is Willow. She’s a Ravenclaw like me. Willow, this is Blair. He’s a good boy who belongs to Gryffindor.”

“I’m not a suck-up because I’m in Gryffindor… ‘Willow’ is quite an usual name, isn’t it?” Leon punched him on the arm immediately after he said that.


“Thank you for that. I suppose ‘Blair’ is a very common name around here, too.” Said Willow, sarcastically. Before Blair could argue back, the bell went and Willow hurriedly said, “Oh! I have to go to maths! Thanks again for saving me, Leon! Let us meet again! Maybe I’ll have lunch with your group!” She ran off.

Blair tapped Leon on the shoulder three times.

“Yeah?” Said Leon, turning around.

“Wwwhat, the hell, is a maths?”

“It’s a Muggle subject about adding numbers then multividing, I believe.”

“Why is Willow taking a Muggle subject? It’s not important for us. Like we need ma—marths, or whatever.”

“I don’t know, Blair. It’s a toughy. Maybe because she IS a Muggle. Don’t assume everyone’s a wizard. By the way, don’t say Muggle around her. She won’t thank you for that.” 

The End

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