Chapter 2. The Second Dark LordMature

After dinner in the Great hall on the students’ first day back, they went to sleep and when they awoke they had Potions class, then Defense Against the Dark Arts. Potions class was none too exciting, except maybe for Dimitri who seemed to enjoy every subject. Leon hated it and thought it was a waste of time. Their potions teacher was a kindhearted professor however. What Leon and Blair were looking forward to most was Dark Arts.

 “Welcome to your first Defense Against the Dark Arts lesson for the year.” The professor who stood in front of the class was the exact same teacher they had last year: Professor Sithofith. He was a tall man, six-foot, a menacing stare, and deep black hair that just reached his eyes. He was otherwise a kind fellow, but you would not want to make him mad. “In this class, I shall show no mercy, and I will not be asked for mercy. You’re in my classroom; you will face your greatest fears. Conjure dangerous curses and grow stronger after every single lesson.”

 He gave a very demanding gaze to the class and started writing on the chalkboard.

“Different types of curses” was scribbled onto the board. His hands seem to move precariously. “How do you reckon he did that to his hands?” Whispered Leon to Blair and Eruka, “Reckon he knows about Dark Arts from firsthand experience?”

“Yes, I do!” A voice dominated the silence from the front of the room. It was Sithofith’s voice. He turned around and addressed Leon, “Mr. Lopez, I expect you pay great attention. You have potential, do not get me wrong; but you being here is the reason why we must cover every kind of curse. I implore you to pay extra attention.”

Leon looked puzzled. “What IS he talking about?” He thought to himself. On the board there were many different categories listed on the board: Defensive, Offensive, Healing, Miscellaneous, and Illegal. Leon and Blair were both intrigued by the Illegal category. “Now!” Yelled Sithofith. “An example from each category, please!” Dimitri raised his hand. “DIMITRI! Defensive spell please.” “Well, Sir, there are many different defensive spells, from disarming to blocking and self-defense.” Sithofith looked a little troubled. “Just one spell, please.”

“Expelliarmus.” Said Dimitri. “Very great,” replied Sithofith. “Expelliarmus. A defensive spell. Do you want to provide a demonstration for the class?” Dimitri hastily made his way to the front and got his wand out. He prepared himself, as if about to conjure a spell. Sithofith swiftly grabbed his wand.

“Expelliarmus!” he yelled. A quick lightning-like red bolt zipped across the room and hit Dimitri. His wand flew out of his hand and flew towards Sithofith. He threw Dimitri’s wand back at him. “Good. Sit.” Dimitri went back to his seat. “That was only a weak one. A full-powered Expelliarmus is enough to knock your opponent down and disarm them. But more on that later. For now,” he looked up, “I need an offensive spell please. Alexis?”

 Alexis rose out of her seat at once, and appeared to be thinking about what to say for a while. “Well, there is one. It’s quite a common one. Stupefy?” Sithofith raised his eyebrows. “Correct! An effective and easy spell to conjure!” Alexis started walking to the front but was quickly stopped by the professor. “No. Teachers strictly forbid offensive magic on students. However, with permission and supervision, there is no rule against a student using it on another student for educational and self-defense purposes. Mr. Evans, if you will.” He looked at Blair, and he rose out of his seat and walked to the front with Alexis while she prepared her wand. She flicked her wrist and yelled ‘Stupefy!’ and as she did, a solid beam of blue shot from her wand and struck Blair with a splash-like sound and the beam dispersed in every direction as Blair flew across the room, unconscious.

 “Wow! I hope he’s okay.” Said Leon to Dimitri. “He’ll be fine, it’s simple magic.” Replied Dimitri. Sithofith pointed his wand at Blair and said “Aguamenti!” and a stream of water shot from his wand and into Blair’s face and awoke him. “Go sit back down. That was an example of a miscellaneous spell.” He wrote Aguamenti next to Stupefy and Expelliarmus on the board.

 “There are only two healing spells that we are aware of. One of them is strictly for reversing a certain curse we will be covering later on. The other healing spell is ‘Episkey.’ However it only heals small injuries like broken bones. Now, Leon, this is your part. Illegal curses.” Leon gazed up at Sithofith. “Sir?” He questioned. Sithofith stared him down. “Oh okay,” continued Leon nervously, “Well there are three—“


“Correct! Thank you! Three curses that will send you straight to Azkaban should they be used on another human. There is the Imperius Curse, or the mind-controlling curse, the Cruciatus curse, or the torture curse, and can anyone tell me the last? The most deadly of the three.”


Leon’s hand nervously raised into the air. “Well, th-there is ‘Avada Kedavra.’ “

“Thank you, ‘Avada Kedavra,’ the killing curse. This curse causes instant death upon its victim.” Said Sithofith. “The second you say its incantation you are liable for a trip to Azkaban. This curse, however, cannot be conjured by just anybody. One needs a heart and mind strong enough. For that, one must be brave, completely certain that they are ready to kill, and you must be strong enough. I daresay none of you would pull it off if you tried it right now. I, however, wouldn’t advise trying. Another thing about this curse is it cannot be blocked by any kind of protective magic, or any kind of magic, really. It will charge through anything.”

 Sithofith pulled out a cupboard from the corner of the room and opened it. And as it did, a werewolf had come out of it. Sithofith yelled, “Avada Kedavra!” But as his willpower wasn’t strong enough, green flashes sparked from the wand as if it was failing, and a plain ball with weak green through it shot out and didn’t fly very fast. It struck the werewolf and it just stumbled back into the cupboard and Professor Sithofith flicked his wand to close it again. He turned to address the class.

“Even I cannot pull off such a curse. If I could, the spell would have been solid bright-green and fly much faster, almost impossible to even attempt to block, and that wolf would have been dead before it hit the ground.”

“Why do you have a bloody werewolf in there?” Said Blair as Eruka rolled her eyes. “It’s a boggart, you moron.” Said Eruka. “It takes shape of whatever that person fears the most.”

 The bell rang and Sithofith dismissed the class. Blair tried to influence Leon in the right direction when he saw him walking the opposite way. “Leave me alone, Blair. I need to go talk to Professor Mayhew.” Blair reluctantly let him go. For the whole walk there, Leon couldn’t help thinking of Professor Sithofith saying “you being here is the reason why we must cover every kind of curse. I implore you to pay extra attention.” Why would he say such a thing? How was he different than Blair, Eruka or anybody else in that room?


Finally arriving at Mayhew’s office, he knocked cautiously on the door, and it almost immediately open. Leon leapt back out of surprise; he didn’t expect the door to open that quickly – he had never been in Professor Mayhew’s office before. He nervously stepped into the office, except it didn’t look like an office: it was a dark hallway light only by the dim candles and it was about a hundred meters long. He hallway seemed to get lighter as he got more towards the end, lit by another room he was sure was the office. As he entered this room it appeared to be an office. Mayhew had his back turned to the entrance Leon walked through while he stood at the top of the stairs that bent around the central table that seemed to be his work desk.

 “Welcome, Mr. Lopez,” said Mayhew without turning around, “what brings you here? You’ve never come to talk to me the past two years.”

“Yes, Professor. Well, I’m a bit troubled about something.”

“Troubled?” Questioned Mayhew, slowly turning around. He began to slowly descend the stairs.

“Yes. Troubled about something Sitho—Professor Sithofith said to me today.”

“I’m sorry about that, Leon; but as crude as he can be—“

“No, sir, no. He didn’t say anything crude to me. He said that we have to learn every kind of curse and spell – even illegal ones. Is there something I’m missing?”

 Professor Mayhew looked a bit puzzled, but Leon had difficulty deciding whether his expression was one of confusion, shock or surprise. Perhaps all of them. “I’m sorry, I know we don’t talk much, but I trust you being the headmaster.”

“No, I am glad you asked me. I am just a bit surprised that you haven’t heard about—Umm, would you please sit?” He motioned Leon to sit in the chair on the other side of the desk. Leon sat right before Mayhew as he resumed talking.

 “Twenty years ago, there was a war taking place at Hogwarts School. You know Hogwarts?” Leon nodded. “Good. This battle brought upon the end of a long war that had been going on between a young boy named Potter. Harry Potter, and the Dark Lord, Lord Voldemort.” Leon shuddered hearing the Dark Lord’s name.

 “I’m sorry, but you mustn’t fear, for he is gone forever now.” Leon let out a sigh of relief: he had obviously heard about Voldemort, like the rest of the wizarding world. “However,” Mayhew continued, “Volde—The Dark Lord – accepted the possibility that he may lose that war, which he had. He needed an heir; somebody to carry on his will to destroy the world. Well, more to conquer it than destroy. Nobody knew – until recently – who this successor was, but he was only fifteen at the time, but showed great potential. And this person, is none other than the Dark Lord’s very own child.”

 “His—His child? Him? The Dark Lord had a son?” Questioned Leon with great amazement. “Yes, yes he did.” Replied Mayhew. “However, as much as he searched, he could not find Potter or his family. So out of anger, he has started attacking wizard schools. As far as I know, Hogwarts and Beauxbatons are safe, but I believe the surprise attack was the reason for our new Durmstrang students to transfer here. However, there is a great possibility he will attack this school.”

 Leon, looking confused, with a hundred questions on his mind, asked, “Okay, but why am I involved with this new Dark Lord? I mean, more than the other students?” Mayhew gazed at Leon. “Because you are a blood-relative to Harry Potter. You carry his blood in your veins; you harbor his power in your hands. If anybody can bring this wizard down, it will be you, and that is precisely why he wants to kill you: to ensure he does not fail Vol—The old Dark Lord, sorry.”

 “I know it’s quite a bit to take in. But fear not, for you are safe as long as you are here with us.” Said Mayhew. Leon looked at his lap feeling confused and a little scared for his own life. He slowly raised his stare back up to Mayhew. “…And what is this Dark Wizard’s name?”


“Lazarus. That his the name he goes by.” Leon sat in silence for about ten to fifteen seconds before the bell rang for next period. “I’m sorry, Professor. I’m glad we’ve had a chance to talk and that you explained it all to me, but I have to go to Transfiguration now. Bye. Let us talk again soon.”


During Transfiguration while Leon sat with Blair, Alexis and Eruka trying to turn cats into pillows, he explained everything Mayhew had explained to him. When he was done, Alexis broke the short silence. “Yes, that it why Dimitri and I transferred. We fled when Lazarus had killed our headmaster. The protection isn’t as good there as other schools, so we Disapparated. I actually lost a close friend during that attack. She was running towards Dimitri and I to Disapparate with us, but she was only a moment too late. She was hit with the Killing Curse. Dimitri forced us to leave.”

 “I am so sorry to hear that, Alexis. You must have been devastated.” Said Eruka, holding Alexis’s shoulder, consoling her. “When did that all go down?” Asked Leon, but Alexis didn’t answer. She just stared at the cat-pillow she had just now transformed. Blair nudged Leon and motioned his head towards Alexis when he turned his head. “Oh—I’m sorry for being inconsiderate, Alexis.”

 “Don’t apologise,” she quickly said, “I’m sure you have plenty on your mind right now, you don’t need to be worrying about me.” Leon sat quietly for the rest of the lesson, though Blair tried feebly to cheer him up. 

During their free period for the final class of the day, Leon sat in the dormitory, contemplating what he spoke about with Mayhew.


“Lazarus… What do you want with me?”


The End

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