Chapter 1: The New TermMature

Twenty years after the threat of the Dark Lord, Voldemort, had ended, it was decided that wizards and muggles (non-magic people; regular humans) could live together harmoniously. The secret of wizards and witches had been exposed willingly to the rest of the non-magic world. This led to the construction of schools that enrolled both muggles and wizards that taught ordinary subjects as well as magic. A fifteen-year-old male by the name of Leon was about to start his third year at a wizard/muggle school. There was a knocking on Leon’s front door one afternoon on the 31st of August, one day before school went back.

“Hey, Leon! How goes it?” It was Leon’s best friend, Blair. “Why are you still in your pajamas? Why are you drinking coffee at this time?” Leon stood there staring at Blair with a dead expression, looking as if he just woke up; slowly sipping his coffee. “I obviously only just woke up.” Said Leon in an unclear voice. “Come in, I just finished packing for school last night.” Leon ushered Blair into his room still looking lifeless. “How can you still be asleep at—“ Blair checked his phone, unaware of the time, “quarter past two in the afternoon?” he resumed. Leon ignored him and started to fix his bed, tidying it up while Blair played random keys on Leon’s piano. “Been practicing?” “Bit.” Mumbled Leon, finishing his coffee. “Oh my god, how tired are you, Lee?” Blair said as he spun around on the piano stool, and flicked his wand that wizards and witches use to conjure spells and Leon’s bed was made in a matter of seconds. “Seriously, wake up. You’re a wizard remember? We’re going back to the wizard academy tomorrow.”


Leon started searching for his wand around his messy room and was looking around for about five minutes before—“Wait…” Leon checked behind the bed and retrieved his wand. Leon isn’t usually like this, he was up very late last night trying to prepare for the new school year: catching up on all of those assignments he was meant to do over the past two months away from school. Of course he was always slacking off with home tasks. Leon threw the rest of his clothes into his luggage bag and began organizing his room. “Are you quite fine with admiring the piano?” Leon said, sounding irritated, “Do you maybe want to help?”


Blair sighed and flicked his wand again and cleared the room in about three seconds. “Honestly, wake up. I know! Why don’t we play the Wii U for a bit? Maybe a little Mario Kart? You love that game!” Leon chuckled. “Funny how we’re wizards and are still fond of muggle entertainment. "Leon and Blair spent the afternoon and most of the evening playing video games, and then practiced basic spells to refresh their memory. By the time they were done it was half-past-ten and decided they should go to sleep.


Leon woke Blair up abruptly the following morning. “Get up, Blair. Get up! We will be late on our first day back!” Blair rolled over and moaned and went back to sleep. “This is ridiculous. What a hypocrite.” Leon pulled out his wand and pointed it at Blair.

“Rictusempra!” Leon yelled; red beams emitted from the tip of his wand and struck Blair with a crashing sound and he fell out of the bed and lay on the floor rolling acting as if he was being tickled. “Okay, okay! I’ll—HAHAHAHA—I’ll get up! I’ll ge—HAHA!” He was unable to talk after being hit by a tickling curse. There were many spells wizards and witches had at their disposal; this was just a harmless one. The academy was an hour’s drive from Leon’s house, and so his mother had offered a ride there. “No, that’s quite alright, mum. We will just use the floo network in the fireplace.” She looked very confused. Leon’s mother was a muggle while his father was a wizard. He is also an auroa: a dark wizard capturer. He catches evil wizards and witches and sends them to Azkaban, wizard prison.


“The floo network, mum,” Leon continued, “is a fast travel system for wizards. You know what, it will be faster just so show you.” Leon grabbed a handful of mysterious green dust from a tin next to the fireplace, threw it at the lit fire and the flames turned green. Leon stepped inside the fire and yelled their destination, which was the name of the city the academy was at. Since nobody could apparate (teleport) into or out of the school grounds and the floo network wasn’t connected to the grounds to stop people getting in and out.


Leon flung out of a public fireplace and stumbled, almost tripping over onto the road. He regained his footing and as he did, Blair came flying out the same fireplace and crashed into the back of Leon and they fell on the curb. “Thank you, Blair…” Leon said irritably. He lay there waiting for him to move. “Could you maybe get off me now, please?” “Oh, absolutely. Absolutely.” Said Blair, standing up. They made their way towards the school.

There, the Headmaster, Professor Mayhew, greeted them. “Welcome back,” he addressed the students standing in front of him, “to another term studying witchcraft and wizardry. And to our fellow muggles, we hope you get the highest of scores on future assessments. Please follow me”.

He led the students into the gates and through the main entryway. As the students made their way through, the grounds the school looked pretty ordinary; like any other Australian school. Except that it wasn’t. From the outside it looked ordinary, but inside the corridors were long with red carpet, candles hanging on the walls lighting the room with the wax slowly dripping down the wick with old-fashioned doors leading into the classrooms and the Great Hall.


From behind, a girl dressed in black witch robes approached Blair and Leon quickly. “They keep the interior medieval-looking to uphold the traditional wizard schools when there were only a few and they were completely independent of muggles.” This girl was Blair and Leon’s good friend, Eruka. She seemed to be skipping over the fact that Leon and Blair had been attending this school for two whole years with her. “We know, Eruka. We’ve been here as long as you have.” Said Blair. Eruka had a distasteful look on her face. “No need to be so rude… Hey, look!” Eruka shouted, pointing at two boys the same age as the other two, sitting in the tables in the Great Hall awaiting Mayhew to begin his speech. “It’s Dimitri and Alexis! Let’s go say Hi!” These two were Eruka’s friends. Dimitri was about six foot with medium-long black hair, brown eyes and was quite handsome, while Alexis was about five foot, blonde with blue eyes and quite a pretty face.

“Hi, Dimi, Hi Lexis!” Said Eruka enthusiastically. “It’s Dimitri. Don’t call me Dimi, please Eruka. I don’t want to seem—“ “Hello, Eruka. Who are your friends?” interrupted Alexis. “Oh this is Leon and Blair. Guys, Dimi and Lexis have just transferred from Durmstrang.” “Yeah, that place was a mess,” said Dimitri. “Karrkaroff was all about dark arts, and I would much rather do more studying on potions or transfiguration.” “Well, it’s nice to meet you two.” Said Leon, shaking their hands. 

“Welcome!” said Mayhew from the speaker stand at the front of the hall as he waved his wand to light the nostalgic chandeliers suspended in mid air. “I would like to send out a heartfelt greeting to all of you sitting with us today; professors and students alike. Your timetables have already been brought up to your dormitories which you will find when you return.” Mayhew turned his attention to the table full of twelve and thirteen-year-olds, “And a very special welcome to our new first years. I wish you all the best seven years at this academy.” After Professor Mayhew was finished, different professors took it in turns explaining anything important such as assignments and room changes before they were all directed back to their dorms. There are four house groups at the academy that organize all the students into whatever house group they belong in, and the house groups were named after the groups at Hogwarts, another wizarding school. One of the original ones. Leon and Eruka were both in Ravenclaw, while their best friend Blair was in Gryffindor, Alexis was in Hufflepuff and Dimitri was in Slytherin, though he always testifies that he doesn’t belong since Slytherin is typically filled with students who don’t much care for the rules, stand independently, and most dark wizards were in Slytherin. However this isn’t who Dimitri was.


“I am the complete opposite of a Slytherin! I’m more a Gryffindor. This is outrageous!” He would always say. The others were quite satisfied with their house placements. Once they arrived at their dorms they picked up their timetables. They all had Potions class first tomorrow. Mayhew allowed all the students a day to organize themselves and take a look around the school.


The real story begins tomorrow.

The End

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