Ten Years Later

Harry Potter woke with a smile on the morning of July 31st. Today was his birthday and he wasn't planning on missing a single minute of it.

He got up and dressed quickly before bounding down the stairs into the kitchen. "Happy Birthday, Harry!" his mother, Lily, exclaimed when she saw him.

"Morning, Mum," Harry beamed at her.

James, Harry's father, closed his newspaper and said, "How ya doing, son?"

"Great, Dad," Harry answered. "What time are the guests getting here?"

"They should be coming around eleven o'clock." James replied.

"So that gives us two and a half hours to get ready. You'd better eat your breakfast so you can help me with the cake," Lily told him.

Harry quickly ate the bacon and eggs Lily set in front of him and then walked over to her. "What can I do?" he asked.

"Well, the cakes already made, I just want you to stick the candles on and put it in the dining room."

Harry did as she asked and then walked aimlessly around the house waiting for the guests to arrive.

Since this was his "Wizard Party", his godfather, Sirius, and his Wizarding neighbors would be coming. His "Muggle Party" was next week.

Since Lily was Muggle-born, Harry had been going to the neighborhood public Muggle school since he was five. His mother had wanted him to know about Muggle things too, and in exchange he got to have two birthday parties, one for his Wizard friends, and one for his Muggle friends (though Harry would have gone to Muggle school anyway). Harry would have been happy to group them all into one party, but his parents hadn't thought that was a good idea.

The doorbell rang, bringing Harry out of his head and back into the real world. He opened the door and was scooped into a hug by Sirius. When he released him, Sirius handed Harry a large box wrapped up and with a bow on top.

"Thanks, Sirius!" Harry exclaimed as he brought it into the living room.

One by one, the guests started arriving. There were three wizarding families in the neighborhood with kids Harry's age. Their names were Adele Jones, Blake Williams, and Charles White. Another one of their neighbors, Bathilda Bagshot, was also there.

When it was time for presents, he opened Sirius's first. Harry had to get through many layers of tissue paper before finding a picture of a Barn Owl and the words Eeylops Owl Emporium written across the top. Harry looked up at Sirius, confused.

"I'm giving you an owl," Sirius explained. "I found this one at Eeylops and thought you might like it. Do you?"

"I love it! When can we pick it up?" he asked his parents.

"Well, we're going to Diagon Alley later this week. Why don't we go then?" Lily suggested.

Harry nodded enthusiastically and moved on to the rest of the gifts.

Bathilda Bagshot gave Harry her book, A History of Magic, Adele gave him a coupon for a free sundae from Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlor, Blake gave him a packet of stationary and a color changing quill to write to him because he would be going to Durmstrang Institute in the fall, and Charles gave him assorted items from Gambol and Japes Wizarding Joke Shop.

But the best gift of all was the one Harry had been awaiting anxiously for weeks: his Hogwarts letter, which his parents gave him.

"I know you were already getting this," his father had said, "but we wanted to give it to you on your birthday."

When it was time for everyone to go, Harry hugged Sirius and thanked him for the owl again. Then he made plans with Adele and Charlie to go to Diagon Alley the next week together for their school supplies and Harry's owl.

The End

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