Life and Death

Frank realised what he had just done, his front legs collapsed and he knelt over his son. Harry ran over to them, ignoring the Nargles that tried to hold him. He blasted his way through. Tears began to fog up his eyes.

Tears from Frank ran over his son as Harry collapsed next to Bobby.

Ginny noticed the two. She ran over. There were not so many Nargles left.
Suddenly, Frank stood up, remembering something.
'I can and will give my life for Bobbys.' He said boldly.

'What?' Harry puzzled over if Frank could do that, he had NO recollection of hippogriffs being able to do that.
'Oh yes. I will. Very easy really. Ready?' He asked his dead son sadly. Only now did he realise how very much he loved his son.
He closed his eyes and lay down next to Bobby. Almost like a boy going to bed and his father falling asleep next to him.

Ginny patted Harrys shoulder as Bobby stood up slowly. Everyone in that forest smiled that day. Until Bobby realised his father. Bobby watched his father, so peaceful, he thought.
Harry almost knew how that felt, to see your father dead so he gave Bobby another hug (lots of hugging in this story).
Dumbledore came over and looked at the shining body of Frank.
He whispered some unknown spell (unknown to Harry) and Frank took in a big breath of air.
'Father!' Bobby screamed with delight. Frank stood and looked hard at Dumbledore.
'Why did you do that?' Was all he said.
'You gave your life, a person who does that deserves life.'

The End

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