"This I believe, is Frank"

They followed Bobby inside the cave.
'Why were you running anyway?' Harry asked Bobby, they were walking at the front followed by Dumbledore then the rest.
'Oh. You know. Father.' Bobby said sadly, Harry understood as he rembembered Frank, the supposed King of the Forest.

Harry walked the path he had walked before, through the cave, the other paths turning off. But he knew the way. They carried on as Harry had done, trying to look down all the paths.

It wasn't a dream, Harry realised. He was right! That showed them.

They walked until they came to the bit where Bobby left them, he turned down the path like he did before and let them lead themselves to the platform. Harry reached the platform first, he stood on it and looked at the view, the Nargles were there again, Harry couldn't believe his eyes, and neither could anyone else (except Dumbledore) when they reached the platform next to Harry. Ginny looked jelously at the beautiful Nargles, but also in wonderment as they laughed mockingly.

'Harry.' A gruff voice came from behind them, Harry recognised it and he turned to see Frank standing there.
'You have come again, yet with Dumbledore.' Frank said to Harry, although looking at Dumbledore. Frank looked just as Harry remembered him, golden but with an evil glint in his purple eyes.
'Hes bigger!' Ron said, (congrats Captain Obvious).
'I believe, this is Frank the Hippogriff.' Dumbledore said to introduce him.
'I am not just an average Hippogriff, I am a Golden Hippogriff.' He said proudly. Harry scowled at him and Ginny patted his arm to calm him down.

'Come with me.' Frank said after a few moments silent. They followed him silently as they turned to the exit of the cave. Frank walked outside and beckoned to them to go outside, it was nearly dark now, Harry couldn't see anything except the light from candles inside the cave shining off Franks coat. He followed the light behind the others.

They reached Frank and a harsh wind blew against their faces. Harry sheilded his eyes from the wind with no success. Suddenly candles came on, not just one or two, but about twenty, in a circle. The candles lit up the faces of the beholders, Nargles were holding them in one hand each. They smiled politely at their guests.
'Neville!?' Harry was shocked to see Neville there, looking pleased with himself.
'Yes Harry. It is me, Neville Longbottom. I have known Frank from the beginning, he told me of your coming here and I watched you in your dream.' Neville seemed almost too confident. Harry couldn't believe this was where Neville was, he had crossed over to Franks side. (Whichever side that was.)
'Get them.' Frank said and the Nargles (and Neville) sprang into action, baring their teeth and threatening (in some way) them with the fire of the candles. Everyone drew their wands and chose one to point it at each.
'I know you won't hurt them. You think they are too beautiful. They are, beautiful but deadly.' Frank said sneakily.
A shout from the cave drew away everyones attention, (the Nargles and Neville too). Bobby ran out of the cave at full speed on his golden legs and ran into his father. Frank fell to the ground and grunted angrily.
'I've always wanted to do that!' Bobby whispered to Harry, not noticing Frank getting up.
'Bobby!' Harry yelled as Frank ran back into Bobby, Bobby fell to the ground, squealing with pain. There was no blood which relieved Harry, but the Nargles and Neville were now advancing on the wizards. Harry found it difficult to draw his attention away from the father-son fight. Eventually, he did and stunned Neville, he did not want to hurt his friend.
The Nargles were trying to round them up and as Frank had said, Harry couldn't cast a spell at all. He looked away and cast anywhere, he could do it if he didn't look at them. He looked at Ron, who seemed to be stuggling too.
'Cover your eyes!' Harry shouted to him, but now they were both blind in battle.

Suddenly Harry felt arms round his neck, closing in on him, he tried to curse the Nargles holding him, but couldn't (these were actually quite good fighters!). Hermione heard his muffled yells and jinxed and cursed the dainty creatures, she cursed them extra, she was jealous of their easy beauty.
Harry heard a yell, not a yell of capture, but a real yell of pain. He spun round to see Bobby, on the floor, with a pool of blood slowly growing around him, he was unconcious. Frank standing victoriously over his child.

The End

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