They walked for some time. Passing trees coated with moss.
Ron was getting edgy, he didn't like walking for long periods, 'When are we there?'
Harry suddenly ran forward, recognising something. It was the clearing, where he first met Bobby. They all stood in the center and looked around. It seemed much bigger in his dream, thought Harry, he let it go.
They stood there for a while, while Harry thought of which way to go. The forest wasn't burnt like it had been in the dream.

'Harry?' Ginny asked. 'Do you remember which way to go?' She asked tenderly.
Harry looked at her, then looked past her. There was a small path leading through the trees, thats the way, he thought. He jogged over to the path, everyones heads turning to look at where he was going. He inspected the path. It was the way he went in the dream!

'Come on! This way!' He called to them. They followed him quickly as he sprinted down the path, anxious to see the Nargles and Bobby again.

They walked for some time. Harry and Dumbledore in front everyone else behind. Finally they came to the cave. Harry smiled knowing what was inside.

They walked in, the cave seemed bigger in real life. Harry knew the dream was real now. They entered slowly, reluctant to meet the "King of the forest".

Suddenly, just as they were going in, Bobby ran into them.
'HARRY!' He shouted happily, recognising the teenager in front of him.
'BOBBY!' Harry shouted back jokely.
They hugged each other, Harry realised Bobbys leg was not broken. Good, he thought.
Ron, Hermione and Ginny just stood and stared at Bobby, they thought Harry had gone mad when he said golden Hippogriff. That showed them.
'So, this is Bobby.' Dumbledore inspected Bobby as Harry let go of the Hippogriff.
Bobby bowed low, knowing he was talking to a great wizard.
'Mr Albus Dumbledore. We have heard of you often. You are the greatest wizard to have ever lived.' He said, still bowing.
Dumbledore didn't smile. 'Thank you. But that is debateable. May we come inside?'
'Oh. Of course.' He stood straight. (well, as straigt as a hippogriff can.)

The End

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