The forest again

'Ugh...' Harry stirred. He had been sleeping in the hospital bed for two hours and the potion he took earlier was just wearing off.
'Hey, look, hes waking up!' Ron almost shouted which was responded to by lots of louds Shushes.
'Mmwhat happened?' Harry slowly opened his eyes. He could hear the rain beating down on the glass windows of the large room, even though it seemed so sunny earlier.
Ron chuckled and looked round at the other seven people standing around the bed.
Dumbledore looked at Harry closely, studying him. Hermione, looking relieved to see Harry wake. Ginny, still looking too worried and pale. McGonagall, stress lines deep across her wrinkled forehead. Dean and Seamus, without Neville as he said he had to go somewhere (which was quite unlikely as they did almost everything together).

'Now, Harry, I do not mean to rush you but we must visit the Forest some time soon.' Dumbledore said calmly.
'Oh yes! Of course! We will go now!' Harry jumped out of bed and shoved his glasses on his face. (He never does put his glasses on calmly.)

'Now. Harry, calm down. You might still be a bit... vunerable.' Ginnys voice felt good to hear again, Harry remembered the dragon and shuddered.
'I don't care. We gotta get to this cave.' Harry rushed through the sentance, running out the large door.
He turned back, noticing noone was following him, 'Come ON!' He yelled to them excitedly.

'Has that medicine made him go a bit..' Ron whispered to Madam Pomfrey,
'I think it has. It will wear off in about half an hour.' She replied.
Oh great, Ron thought as Harry ran around the beds.

'Harry. I want you to calm down now. Take me to the cave.' Dumbledore raised his hands to show Harry peace.
Harry (eventually) calmed down.
'Now, who is coming with us?' Harry whispered, he thought no one could hear but 'I'm going!' from Ron told him he had said it too loudly. Harry closed his eyes in annoyance, he didn't want his best friends to die, although they still didn't know if it were true what Harry saw.
'Me too!'
'And me! Ginny and Hermione spoke out.

'No.' Harry said simply.
'You know, Harry. Maybe it would be better if they did come.' Dumbledore swayed Harrys mind.
He could see he was defeated. McGonagall looked at Dumbledore like he was mad, taking three more people than needed.

'Let us go!' Dumbledore cried, his arms in the air.


They approched the edge of the forest. Passing Hagrids small hut on the left, stood the five people. Ron, Harry, Ginny, Hermione and Dumbledore.
'Well. Here we are. In you go, Harry.' Dumbledore urged Harry to go in first.
Harry shuffled forewards the smallest amount, then Dumbledore strode into the Forbidden Forest, behind him walked the four teenagers.
After half an hour, Dumbledore instucted Harry to go first as he knew the way. He had to think about it for some time before it came to him.

They turned left when they came across the biggest tree in the forest.
'So... err. How long is it til we get there?' Ron asked awkwardly.
'How ever long it takes us.' Replied Dumbledore.

The End

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