Harry was in the hospital wing of Hogwarts. He was describing Bobby and Frank to Dumbledore in lots of detail, while Madam Pomfrey, the school nurse, made a potion to relax Harry.
The sun was shining through all 5 windows. It was a beautiful day, as far as Harry could see.

'We must go soon. We shall need you, Harry to guide us to the cave.' Dumbledore stood up and looked at Harry sitting on the chair. The others were not allowed in on Madam Pomfreys orders. But they still stood anxiously outside the big wooden door, not talking. Scared.

Harry drank the vile, purple liquid Madam Pomfrey had concocted. It tasted of mouldy bread, except it was a medicine (even though it looked like something that would kill you.
Madam Pomfrey took the small glass back and indocated for Harry to lie down on the bed.
'I don't need rest. I need to find the cave.' Harry said boldly as he stood up. But as soon as he felt the potion hit his stomach, he fell on the bed straight away, snoring.
Dumbledore was sitting on the small wooden stool next to Harry. He was watching him sleep. So peaceful, he thought, even though he knows what lies ahead. (Voldemort as well as Frank and Bobby and all the rest of the horrors that invade Harrys life.) Maybe he was dreaming that dream again, but he wasn't, Dumbledore could tell.

Suddenly Hagrid burst into the room. His massive body just the size to see Ron, Hermione and Ginny peeking around him.
'I heard about Harry. Professor Dumbledore Sir. Is he allright?' He almost shouted.
He walked briskly past the other beds until he got to Harry, Hermione, Ron and Ginny followed closely behind. Dumbledore stood and greeted Hagrid. 'Hagrid. Yes. He is fine. But we must be quiet or he will wake. How did you hear about this?' Dumbledores voice full of peace.
'Well. You know, Neville told Pavarti Patil who told Malfoy who told Lavender Brown who told Seamus, but Seamus already knew so Lavender told me instead.'
Hagrid trailed off quietly.
Harry sighed loudly as if jokily annoyed.
Ron and Hermione smiled at him. Ginny looked the other way, she was still scared that Harry could die. (Which was almost impossible because he had had a potion and the Hippogriffs weren't real... or were they?)

The End

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