Is it a dream?

'Wait! What!' Harry shouted, confused and scared. He couldn't see anything, he felt the world spinning beneath his feet, he tried to run but couldn't. He struggled for he could not move, although nothing but questions were binding him. He faded into the dark.

Hermione had been crying. She sat next to her best friends bed. The purple curtains hung limp next to the four posters at the corner of the bed. It was 2 in the afternoon of a sunny Saturday. She was one of nine people in the room. Ron was with her, hugging her and so was Ginny, they was scared for Harry. Dean, Seamus and Neville were sitting on their own beds in the dorm, they looked at Harry, stared at him. Two teachers there were also, Professor Dumbledore and Professor McGonagall.
The two teachers daren't move Harry, for he had been screaming and shaking very violently, any movement could cause sudden breakdown, not for sure but just in case. During the day people had heard him screaming so they stayed in the common room, to see what was going on, for Dumbledore forbade them to go up the stairs to the dorms.

Everyone just happened to be looking at Harry when his emerald eyes flashed open.
'Potter. Don't make any sudden moves.' McGonagall said, she was relieved now that he was awake, but she could still see worry as she looked at Dumbledore.
But Harry did excactly what she said not to. He reached over to the bedside table and grabbed his wand and glasses. Shoving his glasses on his sweating face, he pointed his wand at them. His eyes darted around the room.
Everyone was standing now. Harry crossed to the other side of the room slowly.
Hermione, Ron and Ginny tried to run over to him, but stopped halfway as he pointed his wand at them.
'Please, no more dreams.' Harry pleaded to no one. If there had to be nightmares to get me here, there must be some on the way out.
'Harry. This is not a dream. I am your headmaster, Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore. What you have seen is gone. You are safe now.' He approached Harry with the palms of his hands showing.
Ginny and Hermione had started crying again. Their best friend was threatening them.
'No! No! You are a nightmare! I know! You want me to think your not then something will happen like your heads exploding!' Harry shouted. Then he looked at Ginny and she looked at Harry. No one could fake the sadness in her tears as she cried for Harry. His expressions loosened and he fell to the floor, dropping his wand, in shakes of sadness for what he had almost done.
'I'm so sorry.' Was all he could say in a tiny voice.
'Oh, Harry! It's ok. It's ok.' Ginny repeated, she ran over and hugged him. He hugged her back. It was a really meaningful hug. On that only true friends (or more) could do. Then Hermione was hugging him. (Which completely ruined the moment for Ginny and Harry) Then Ron was, (It was Ok because Hermione already spoiled the moment.) while Dean, Seamus and Neville left them in peace.

Dumbledore still wasn't happy. 'Harry. What did you see?' He asked impatiently but slowly, his blue eyes looking over his half moon spectacles, into Harry green ones.
Harry sat on the bed, looking down, not shaking anymore though. They sat next to him, Ginny on the left, Ron on the right and Hermione next to Ron.

'Well, there was a nice dream to start it off. My parents, they were still alive and I was going to Hogwarts without this.' He inticated to his scar. 'But then their faces started melting when we got to the barrier and once they died the scene changed.' He was saying it slowly and avoiding eye contact with everyone. 'It was all of you only, you weren't yourselves. We were in here and your heads kind of blew up like balloons, so I got scared and ran down the stairs. But everyone I had ever loved was there. Dead. Just lying on the floor.' He paused, thinking about the nightmare.
'You had another dream. Yes?' McGonagall was sitting on Seamus' bed, her scottish accent reminded Harry of Bobby.
'I had... one more dream.' He didn't want to share the bit with the Ginny dragon in it. So told it with a normal dragon instead.
After he had told them his dream, Dumbledore said, 'Can you remember the way to the cave?'
Harry could. Dumbledore said it was vital they find it and see if his dream, wasn't just a dream...

The End

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