The Nargles

'I suggest you stop stamping on Bobby!' Harry said fiercely to Frank, he got his black wand out quickly and pointed it directly at Frank.
'Oh yah. Well why don't we just go inside and have a little talk about rules around here?' He teased.
Harry took this seriously and said, 'Ok. Lets go in and talk.' He turned to the way Frank had come, he could see a huge cave entrance in the distance.
Frank walked towards it. Harry was helping Bobby stand up, Bobby said he would be fine to limp along behind them, but Harry wasn't haveing him walking behind like someone noone cares about. But someone did care about him. Two someones to be precise, Harry and Frank, even though he never showed it physically, he could feel it mentally. While he was punishing his boy for nothing every inch of his body yelled Stop! Stop! Stop! but he could not stop. For he had a reputation of being mean and meloncholy (no its not melon and brocolli mixed together.).
The law of The Hippogriff Proclomation clearly states the next heir to the throne shall not be treated like royalty until they are crowned. Unfair really, but thats the way it is and always has been. Changing the rules would cause major breakdown in the Forest, the centaurs would go mad, they think the world of rules, because without rules where would we be? Killing people mindlessly, not a care in the world.

Harry stroked Bobbys golden feathers as they walked slowly to the mouth of the cave. It soothed both of them, Harry with the feel of the smooth, golden feathers beneath his hands and Bobby, just knowing there was someone to look after him made him feel better. 
Frank had entered the cave long before Harry and Bobby.
Harry and Bobby approached the moss covered entrance. It didn't seem like much on the outside, but Harry would soon remember the phrase, don't judge a book by its cover.
They entered, all seemed dark as they walked through a large round tunnel cut out of the rock. But as they turned the next corner, there was a bright light shining down on them.
Bobby jestured to Harry to keep walking without him as he turned through a different tunnel.

Harry slowly walked forward and onto a platform of rock. The light was blinding him. He couldn't see anything but the floor. But he could hear voices shouting happily, like their team had just won a sport or something.
He stopped walking and the light disappeared. He had stopped because he was at the edge of the platform of rock.
He could see again. Suddenly he saw what was cheering and it scared him as well as entranced him. Hundreds upon hundreds of beautiful women were all cheering for him, Harry. He guessed they weren't real people, but some magical race.
'Harry.' Franks voice came from behind Harry, he turned round. But as soon as Frank stepped onto the platform everyone went silent and stared at him with hatred.
Harry looked round at where they were, a golden room, as big as a football pitch, the only way light was getting in was through a small hole in the high ceiling.

'My good people!' Shouted Frank to the women, 'I have bought Harry Potter here for you!' They all stared at him sourly.
'Though he must go soon, he shall return!' Some of the women cheered at this but stopped when no one else joined in.

'Whats happening?' Asked Harry.
'The Nargles wanted to see you, but you must leave now. Goodbye Harry Potter.' Frank smiled at him suspicously.
But the scene faded into nothing...

The End

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