King of the forest

'Why did you bring me here?' Asked Harry, still staring at the marvelous creature that stood before him.
'Well. Mr Potter.' He was cut off by Harry. 'Please, Bobby. Just call me Harry.'
'But my daddy says if someone is older than ourselves we should call them mister or miss. Isn't that polite?' He was nearly annoying.
'Wait, your Daddy?' Harry looked at Bobby, Harry realized he wasn't a full grown hippogriff. Only about half-size.
Bobby nodded. 'My daddys the King of the forest and he wanted me to get you to talk to him.'
'Ok. Rewind. Your dad is the King of the Forbidden Forest?' Harry was confused, Bobby could see that, so explained in his child voice.
'Well, my daddy comes from a line of Kings. Most would call him legend or myth, because he never leaves the cave. But I'm the Prince of the Forest.' He said proudly, holding his big head high. 'I will become King when my daddy don't want it no more. He needs to talk to you about something important, he wouldn't tell me what it was but he said it was urgent. So c'mon!'
He ran off into the fire that burned the Forest. 'Oh yeah. You can't run through fire. Haha.' He chuckled and blew lightly on a bit of the fire. Then all of it went out.
'Whoa.' Said Harry looking around, he bent down and picked up a bit of burnt wood, it was cool.

They set off. Bobby leading the way through the Forest.
Bobby started humming, humming a cheerful tune, but after it repeating about four times Harry got annoyed.
'Would you please stop that?' Harry pleaded.
'Ok. Wanna talk?' Bobby answered happily.
'Yeah. How did you get me here?' He had been dyeing to ask that question for ages, ever since they met in the clearing.
'Well actually, it's really simple. I tapped in to your subconcious mind using a ganetaican and told you to dream of this place. I waited then you came!'
'Using a what?' Harry sped up so he was walking next to Bobby. The smoke which Harry could smell started fading as they passed into the unburned portion of the Forest. The long windy trees twisting.
'Using a ganetaican.' Bobby sighed. 'Do I have to explain EVERYTHING round here? I will show you when we get there.'

After a few more minutes of walking, Harry missed the humming, it gave him something to think about. But still, they walked on in silence.

Eventually Harry got tired, 'Are we there yet?' He asked. That phrase works everywhere, thought Bobby. 'You know, I would carry you. But I'm only a baby.'
He looked behind him to Harry. Harry nodded. As Bobby couldn't see where he was going he tripped and fell.
'Bobby!' Harry ran up to him. 'Are you Ok?' He asked.
'Ouch, yeah. I'm fine, I think.' Bobby said quietly.
'Ok. Just watch yourself when you get up, you could be really hurt. You know what they say, the bigger they are, the harder they fall. You could've broken something.' Harry said caringly.
'Mmm' said Bobby as he got up. He looked fine, just a small scratch on his right front leg.
'I'm so sorry. That was my fault. You ok?' Harry looked at Bobby all over. (No, you sick-minded people, he didn't look there!'
'Yeah. My legs hurting a bit.'
'Again. I'm sorry.' Harry apoligized again.
'Thats ok. Lets go.' Now Bobby was the annoyed one.
He took a step but fell to the ground again and shouted out in pain.
Harry turned back, worried at what he had done to him.
'Ow ow ow ow!' Bobby yelled. His right front leg had more than just a scratch. It was sticking out at an awkward angle, one that would imply his leg was broken.
'Oh man. Wheres your dad? Is it near here?' Harry said quickly.
'Its oh hi dad.' Harry turned round to see a huge hippogriff standing behind him. Completely gold. He had a stern look in his golden eyes as he looked at his son.
Harry bowed, not knowing what else to do.
'What happened here?' His big booming voice filling the silence in the forest. Harry realized he didn't have the same scottish voice as his son. Harry wondered about that.
'I tripped.' Bobby looked down, tears ran down his gold feathers.
Bobbys dad introduced himself, 'Harry Potter, I am Frank, King of the Forest. I see my servant has done well. Until this point.'
Surely he couldn't be talking about his son as his servant, could he? It would make sense, though.
Frank made no attempt to help his son up. He walked over to him and kicked the injured leg with his front legs. Bobby squealed.
'Now, get up!' He ordered. Harry thought this wrong to be done.
'Stop it! Your hurting him!' Harry shouted at Frank.
'Huh. You people never know our laws. When the King has a son he treats him how the King wants him to be treated. And in this case, I want to punish my boy for falling and not getting you here fast enough!' He stamped on Bobbys leg for every word he said. Bobby was crying now, not just with pain of his leg, but with the pain that his father was doing it.

The End

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