Dreams, Nightmares and Bob

All the life went out of Harry, all sense of time and space, lost within his dreams. The neverending nightmares. All of them about people he loved, turning on him.

In the end thats what we all fear, to find everyone lying to your face when you thought you knew them.

Harry ran through his dreams, only stopping once to look who it was this time. He was looking a dragon, a huge black Hungarian Horntail. Except, it had the face of Ginny. It clawed at its own face as Ginny bled, her features misshapened. This made tears swell up in Harrys green eyes.
He had to run. The charcoal dragon would soon come for him, breathing fire as it went. It ran towards Harry, faster than Harry could have run, but he had to try.
Harry ran. The faster and faster the Ginny dragon got, still with the bleeding face, Harry got slower and slower, until he was walking in slow motion.
The smell of burnt wood filled his nostrils as he approched a wood. He recognized it as the Forbidden Forest.
Maybe he could lose the dragon in the trees, but maybe it would just burn it down.
Harry didn't have time to turn away from the forest, so ran in.
He didn't dare look behind. But if he did he would've seen fire burning, trees falling and the mighty dragon searching for Harry, for he was invisible in the trees.
Harrys life didn't flash before his eyes like in films. Maybe because he knew he wasn't going to die. (And if he did this would be a REALLY short book!)
Suddenly he stumbled on the thick root of an old elm tree that stood about five feet away from him. He had cut his right arm on the root and it was bleeding badly.
He didn't shout out in pain, that would only cause the dragon to know where he was.

Harry kept running, shielding his injured arm. The fires behind him had nearly caught up. He tried to run in another direction to escape the fires.
But he came to a clearing in the crowded forest. It was a big clearing, nearly an acre. Harry knew he shouldn't go into the clearing but something was drawing him in, he couldn't work out what it was.
He walked slowly to the middle, watching where he walked. The fires burned all around him and the smoke filled his nostrils.

'Very good.' Came the voice of what sounded like a scottish man.
Harry spun round. The figure was walking through the fire. At first Harry thought it was a man, but men don't shine when light hits them, at least, most men don't.
It was walking slowly towards Harry. Harrys vision was blurred due to the smoke but when it came close enough, Harry could see it.

The Golden Hippogriff.

'W-W-What?' He stammered. He looked away, expecting it to turn into someone he knew and killed them. But no ripping or killing was done to Harrys amazement.
'I drew you here, laddie. Through the nightmares. I'm sorry about that. It's the only way to get y' here.' Harry stared at him. He was beautiful. His golden feathers reflecting the orangey-red of the fire. His gold beak, shiny and smooth, but the thing Harry was most intrigued by was his eyes, they were a dark purple everywhere except the middle. Light purple took over the middle where his pupils would be.
He could see Harry was speechless so carried on. 'Mr. Potter. My name is Bobby, but you can call me Bob if you would like.' There was almost a childish air to the way he said it. 'Oh please, Mr Potter. Say something!' He was pleading like a child. Then the dragon came. Tall as a house. 'Oh, shove off!' Said Bob to the dragon, and away it went.

'Ok.' Harry said slowly. The hippogriff smiled to himself, he was talking to Harry Potter!

'Now, why did you bring me here?'

The End

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