Harry Potter and the Golden Hippogriff

Harrys dreams are invaded by the Golden Hippogriffs. He must find them to know why.

'James, wheres Harry?' Lily Potter called through the little house in Godrics Hollow. 'I'm here, mum.' Harry popped through the living room door smiling, his untidy hair covering a scarless forehead.
It was Saturday morning and Lily and James were going to see Harry off as he was going to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. 
Harry ran through the house gathering his things, trunk which he could have easily levitated, but decided to carry. Firebolt, fastest broomstick in the world, given to him by his god-father, Sirius Black. Finally, Hedwig, his snowy owl cleaning herself in the small cage Harry kept her in for journeys.

In the car James was saying, 'Harry, I want you to stay out of trouble this year. Understood?' James and Harry laughed at the joke question. Lily looked at them sternly, but decided to let it pass and laughed along with her son and husband.

After the short car journey and lots of talking, they were there. Kings Cross train station. After unloading the car of all Harrys things, they walked together as a proper family.
As Harry ran at the solid wall to get to platform nine and three quarters, he knew at once something was wrong, it wasn't between platforms 9 and 10 but 10 and 11.
Suddenly James and Lilys faces started drooping behind him, like having a stroke except on both sides of their faces. Harry was scared as he looked back. He tried to stop running but he couldn't get his legs to stop, they actually ran faster.
He were almost there... closer and closer he got...

'HARRY!' Hermione screamed at him.

The End

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